Another Chance

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thank you to DAFUNKYDRUMMER, STEF, ALEONZ and Glezbass!
Short jam before work. My first and only take :) Hope you like it
thank you for listening


July 12 2016 17:24:10
PewiPewi WOW,(kann sein, dass ich das schon mal geschrieben habe, wenn du Sax spielst), wirklich saubere Arbeit!

July 10 2016 22:38:29
aleonzaleonz Hi Pit, I'm so sorry for being so late to listen this track, just got back and found this beautiful track, your smooth and gentle touch really gave this song a wonderful color, excellent intro...and everything just came along so sweetly!
+1 July 10 2016 22:47:33 aleonzPit Brett
I have to thank you Al :)
July 06 2016 17:43:29
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 July 06 2016 23:23:43 Lenny CowlerPit Brett
thank you Bro :)
July 05 2016 23:45:52
WadeWade Once again your sensitivity and musicality shine through.
+1 July 06 2016 23:22:45 WadePit Brett
a glimpse :) Thank you Wade
July 05 2016 22:43:51
GlezBassGlezBass Wow perfect sax added friend...Kenny G? ha ha, very good man
+1 July 05 2016 22:46:42 GlezBassPit Brett
thank you for your great bass!! was the perfect invitation for last chance sax-jam today :)
July 05 2016 22:30:09
StefStef I really like your beautiful intro, then very good entries with discretion in the vocals of Alice and an outro really nice and tastefully. A great add Pit!! :)
+1 July 05 2016 22:32:55 StefPit Brett
thank you Stef for your great Keys. I just made a short jam... :) Thank you for your kind feedback :)
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