What Would You Say ? (slap bass)

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Slap funky bass line with MM bass Sire Bass Technical info: record number 3 (on my profile)


Sounds really good Mario, precise slap and pop notes. Really catchy lines that work with the rhythm. Cooool song man. You always surprise me!+2
July 06 2016 02:09:01
GlezBass I had to practice the slap groove several times and then edit the sound in audacity, but it has come at the end, as you know the slap is not easy .... thanks mate +1
July 06 2016 02:14:16
Ernie440 You're right, it's not easy but you did a great job, sometimes it takes a bit of work eh .. I haven't posted any slap tracks yet, you may have noticed, haha! :) :) +1
July 06 2016 02:34:29
GlezBass when mastered something is funny slap :) +1
Everyone seems amazed with this track from you. I already knew what a great bass player you are. So fine.+2
July 07 2016 00:59:14
GlezBass Thanks Wade +1
July 09 2016 23:56:19
Marceys I know that too! :) +1
superb! great bass+1
Perfect Mario :)+1
Wow! Mario that is amazing playing man! Great sound and spot on timing! Great work and prepared for the groovy rhythm guitar to give some more groove! :)+1
Perfect! Love your bass work here Mario! I love the way how it grooves enough!+1
nice ride!!!! great sound! Glez :)+1
I know you're an expecial player but how you create this expecial sound?+1
July 07 2016 00:54:16
GlezBass Thanks Franco. The technical aspect of recording I explain in my profile (number recording system recording device section). There is another aspect which is the second digital edition in Audacity (or any DAW) where usually I make volume adjustments with usually template track and signal compression. And another third aspect is the EQ on bass, in this case for the slap besides using a 4-string model (more slap itself), I open treble, middle and bass pickups position to avoid saturating the signal; The rest is a sense of groove and creating bass lines .... he he +1
July 07 2016 00:58:15
GlezBass I have observed that recording can not abuse serious, because the blow of the rope with your thumb on the fingerboard causes a saturation of the very disturbing signal, so I adjust the bass level before recording so that this does not happen and then I add some low frequencies digitally using Audacity to round good signal; It is a test method / mistake +2
TIGHT !! & what a tasty tone.. punchy & fat, well defined, very good .
Fine playing, fits the song so well GB, congrats mi hermano !! ;)
July 07 2016 20:19:39
GlezBass Thanks nuno +1
Wooohooo ! oh yes this is gorgeous Mario! that bass line flow perfectly through the track, so good to here this super cool track this morning!+1
July 11 2016 01:17:37
GlezBass Thanks Alice +0
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