What Would You Say ? (slap bass)

Remix step #3


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Remix step #4 (playing)


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Slap funky bass line with MM bass Sire Bass
Technical info: record number 3 (on my profile)


July 13 2016 01:05:10
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal. bom trabalho

July 10 2016 23:04:23
aleonzaleonz Wooohooo ! oh yes this is gorgeous Mario! that bass line flow perfectly through the track, so good to here this super cool track this morning!
+1 July 11 2016 01:17:37 aleonzGlezBass
Thanks Alice
July 07 2016 19:50:58
nuno1959nuno1959 TIGHT !! & what a tasty tone.. punchy & fat, well defined, very good .
Fine playing, fits the song so well GB, congrats mi hermano !! ;)

+1 July 07 2016 20:19:39 nuno1959GlezBass
Thanks nuno
July 07 2016 00:22:37
WadeWade Everyone seems amazed with this track from you. I already knew what a great bass player you are. So fine.
+2 July 07 2016 00:59:14 WadeGlezBass
Thanks Wade
July 09 2016 23:56:19 WadeMarceys
I know that too! :)
July 07 2016 00:07:28
frankiejazzfrankiejazz I know you're an expecial player but how you create this expecial sound?
+1 July 07 2016 00:54:16 frankiejazzGlezBass
Thanks Franco. The technical aspect of recording I explain in my profile (number recording system recording device section). There is another aspect which is the second digital edition in Audacity (or any DAW) where usually I make volume adjustments with usually template track and signal compression. And another third aspect is the EQ on bass, in this case for the slap besides using a 4-string model (more slap itself), I open treble, middle and bass pickups position to avoid saturating the signal; The rest is a sense of groove and creating bass lines .... he he
July 07 2016 00:58:15 frankiejazzGlezBass
I have observed that recording can not abuse serious, because the blow of the rope with your thumb on the fingerboard causes a saturation of the very disturbing signal, so I adjust the bass level before recording so that this does not happen and then I add some low frequencies digitally using Audacity to round good signal; It is a test method / mistake
July 06 2016 18:55:48
jjdfjjdf nice ride!!!! great sound! Glez :)

July 06 2016 17:28:31
kennyadrykennyadry Perfect! Love your bass work here Mario! I love the way how it grooves enough!

July 06 2016 06:05:29
MarceysMarceys Wow! Mario that is amazing playing man! Great sound and spot on timing! Great work and prepared for the groovy rhythm guitar to give some more groove! :)

July 06 2016 03:43:14
FishinmissioFishinmissio Perfect Mario :)

July 06 2016 03:33:48
Major 3rdMajor 3rd superb! great bass

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