Fog Gone with D flute

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cody tripp1137 jams
Remix step #2 (playing)
United States


HiFiFlutes810 jams Supporter
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Maybe this flute fits ok ? hope you may enjoy :) D walnut six hole flute :)


July 07 2016 13:30:47
petebasspetebass Hey Chris, super track and great playing by you:)

July 07 2016 06:33:08
1969orange1969orange it fits - well done.
+0 July 07 2016 06:35:11 1969orangeHiFiFlutes
Hey, Thanks my friend ! Glad you dig it :) Thanks for listen ! much appreciated ..
July 07 2016 06:19:34
PsychoPsycho Dare I ask how many flutes you have made?? Now this has to be one of your best to date. You nailed it !!
+0 July 07 2016 06:29:05 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Thanks Bruce, Very kind of you, Fine compliment I must say :) I have made 15 or so but mostly play only 5 of them often, E and D most often :) I love my F# flute but it works best with exactly that F# minor. all flutes made to play minor pent scale but they go far further with care in tuning, you can get the full chromatic scale but fingering issues will take a few more years to master I think :) these flutes are good for 1 1/3 octave typically. then you get to figure out the gift notes :) all flutes play differently and require semi unique fingering in upper register :)
July 07 2016 06:39:05 PsychoPsycho
Interesting... must be twice the satisfaction in it all :) Thanks for the info !!
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