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Hey brother Frenzie...managed to squeeze in here...hope I'm not taking up too much room. So much fun playin' blues with ya.


August 01 2016 19:30:25
Hi Wade, such an authentic sax sound for this style of blues:);)
+1 August 06 2016 05:40:06 petebass Wade
Thanks Petebass. I love the nice easy flow of this. Makes it so easy to play along.
July 08 2016 02:18:19
I'll have a Hurricane :) New Orleans feel...Great job Wade :)
+1 July 09 2016 13:57:42 Fishinmissio Wade
Hurricane? You sayin' I'm a blow hard? Hey what's shaking besides my palsy?
July 10 2016 01:55:01 Fishinmissio Fishinmissio
Hurricanes are "the" drink in New Orleans..:) Meant that as a New Orleans vibe :)
July 10 2016 05:56:58 Fishinmissio Wade
Just having a bit of fun...the Katrina cocktail can kill!
July 07 2016 23:58:41
the 1920th in america, swapping over the ozean? the world! great playing from both!
+1 July 08 2016 00:46:25 earlsteven Wade
All about playing whatever we can no matter where we are from. Thanks Earlsteven...see you at the jam!
July 08 2016 00:52:44 earlsteven earlsteven
wherever from, feel free, i like this music, it is one from beginning from new colors, great!
July 07 2016 20:59:08
Very cool :)
+1 July 08 2016 00:44:44 JMF Wade
Very kind of you JMF to give a listen and comment.
July 07 2016 20:40:50
When Jorma Kaukonen meets a great sax and the piece recalls Key To The Highway the result can not that be fantastic! This blues flows lavishly and the mood of your sax is wonderful.
+2 July 08 2016 00:44:10 Stef Wade
Hey Stef, you say the nicest things! Many thanks.
July 07 2016 18:52:34
Hey Blues Brothers !!!
+1 July 08 2016 00:42:54 Tofzegrit Wade
Cheers Tof.
July 07 2016 18:35:20
Oh yeah! I love it so much wade! Totally fits the mood! :) thnx for joining! Got me a big smile listening! :)
+0 July 08 2016 00:42:33 frenzie Wade
Thanks frenzie. Was hoping that I didn't run over your lines too much. It's a single take so warts and all.
July 08 2016 14:51:44 frenzie frenzie
No I like the multiple lines in blues very nice! :)
July 07 2016 16:24:57
+1 July 08 2016 00:41:30 Rickplayer Wade
Cheers Dave. Appreciate the listen and would appreciate a bass line even more.
July 08 2016 00:59:30 Rickplayer Rickplayer
will have to see if I can put something together
July 07 2016 15:45:14
absolutely wonderful ;o)
+1 July 08 2016 00:40:54 Uloisius Wade
I can hear a vocal line to this...can you? ...hint, hint.
July 07 2016 14:18:14
Absolutely love the feel of this recording, the breathing & slight knocking sound at the beginning.. GREAT.. it makes me feel as if there while setting up, can't get it any more ''realistic'' than that !
As for your playing, well… fine lines & tone as you always do.
A mix w/ a high ''fun factor'' rating, uplifting blues i'd call it, off the charts ;)

+1 July 08 2016 00:40:11 nuno1959 Wade
Thanks Mr Nuno. I don't play a lot of blues, but it always has that easy flow that means you can play heaps of crap notes and "cover".

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