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{Played the Drums and Guitar}
A Long, Long time ago in a Land Far, Far away….I was once a “Jazz’ish” drummer in my high school stage jazz band. (OK….insert laughing here)!
I have always had a love for classical jazz. I grew up listening to my Fathers great jazz albums.
So, I finally invested in some cheap mics and a small mixer in an attempt to record my very old acoustic drum set. Note: The key word here is “Cheap Mics” …so the quality is not very good.
Plus, my set is located in my garage and I don't think my cars provide the proper acoustical qualities necessary for primo sound recording. However, I did my best and performed some clean-up in the final mix.
Finally, I dusted off my Epiphone for the guitar parts to give a nice clean jazz feel to this.

Open Jam For All….Sax, Bass, Keys, etc…



July 09 2016 18:31:28
Great that jazzy drums and beautiful atmosphere! Great template! :)
+1 July 10 2016 01:55:08 Stef mortheol
Thanks so much Stef!!
I appreciate your listening and nice compliment:D
July 08 2016 15:55:28
Great Ron :) Very good
+1 July 08 2016 19:00:49 ivax mortheol
Hey Ivax..Thanks so much:)
July 08 2016 14:32:15
super cool atmosphere, these crossing melodies give a kind of life or animation !
I like it

+1 July 08 2016 14:37:38 Tofzegrit mortheol
Tof That's a Great compliment:)
Perhaps some Tof magic here?? Hint;)
July 08 2016 04:17:06
Hats of drama queen! lol seriously an amazing track bro!
+1 July 08 2016 04:24:22 KMstar mortheol
Hahaha...I have always had a flair for the dramatic:P
Glad you see my humor:)
Thanks KM!!
July 08 2016 04:14:47
Very cool. Like the brushes. Nice soft feel.
+1 July 08 2016 04:27:05 2underpar mortheol
Thanks so much 2under!!!
This is my favorite style of playing...cant do brush work on the e-kit. Happy to finally mic the acoustics:D
July 07 2016 22:07:35
Really great Ron! I like this little jam very much! Super jazzy and very nice music my friend!! :) nice backround infos :)
+1 July 08 2016 04:28:17 frankyguitar mortheol
Thanks so much Frank:D
Not too bad for my garage studio..LOL:)
July 08 2016 21:02:24 frankyguitar frankyguitar
YES! Not Joe's Garage, but Ron's Garage:D
July 07 2016 21:31:53
Really sweet Jam here. Great story too :) Great !
+1 July 08 2016 04:29:25 HiFiFlutes mortheol
Thanks Flutes,,,glad you liked the jam and some of the mortheol history.LOL:)
July 08 2016 04:33:27 HiFiFlutes HiFiFlutes
And violin I hear ? :)
July 07 2016 20:37:34
Lovely piece of Jazz! Wonderful piece of history R. :)
+1 July 07 2016 20:48:58 piper mortheol
Thanks Piper!!
Sort of like stepping back in time for me:D
July 07 2016 19:55:08
great sound and great history - I love both :)
+1 July 07 2016 20:01:37 abuitremorem mortheol
Thanks Rene...A fun little tune and back story:)
July 07 2016 19:41:37
+1 July 07 2016 20:00:28 Girard mortheol
Thanks G!:)
It is fun to try and get back to playing this style again. :D
July 08 2016 05:31:17 Girard Girard
Smashing success

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