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Yesterday this track touched a nerve and wouldn't let me go. The words convey my thoughts of loved ones... who I wish were still here. And with the music, they still are =)

Any adds are most welcome!

Thanks Tom!
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pop, ballad


So cool you let you go!
So cool you are here
That's a good song Psy, Bravo
Wow Psycho, this is great, your voice fits perfect on this track!Well done :)+1
July 13 2016 00:19:29
Psycho Why thanks very much Mish... wiki made me do it :) +0
Your voice sounds wonderful on this - well done!+1
July 10 2016 17:02:01
Psycho Thanks very much bh... sometimes I think can sound ok, and ok was the only reason I posted this thing :) :) +0
Hey Bruce, this is such a nice song. I read the other comments, and I understand you are not that confident with your voice. I think the only problem I have with this song is that the vocals should be louder in the mix and more present - there is no need to hide mate, you did a great job. You should sing more often!! TG+1
July 10 2016 17:00:14
Psycho :) Well thanks TG and with more practice I might do some more. Love your add, and will send you the vocal track if you like :) +1
Fully agree with all the comments - great lyric and hugely well sung. And you should do more. We are each our own worst critics, and that little critical voice inside can be overpowering. Got to learn to tell it to shut up! It all gets better the more you do it and wikiloops is the perfect positive environment to try these things. Wikiloops has helped me to actually like my voice and what it can do - trust it to do the same for you!+1
July 10 2016 17:09:36
Psycho Thanks very much gw... your feedback has been such a great help in building confidence. No, I'm not a singer, at least not someone who has practiced voice. But at the loops we have the luxury of trying things we may have never dreamed of. Again I greatly appreciate what you have written :) +1
You sing! Loads of integrity in your delivery. That personal connection makes the difference.+1
July 10 2016 17:06:12
Psycho Thanks Wade... the encouragement from everyone here has been overwhelming... I'm a bit shocked this seemed to have worked, but I think people can do most anything if they put their mind to it :) +1
July 10 2016 23:17:28
Wade For me it's putting the heart in in it. +1
Bruce, I seriously enjoyed this very very much!!!
You have a fantastic voice...I really wish I could sing.
You are far too humble my friend:)
Great lyrics and meaning.
You are such a talent...please do more of this:D
July 09 2016 22:42:37
Psycho Mort, that's very nice of you to say. It's very hard to judge myself singing. I guess it's a psy style at best :) I thank you very much for the words of encouragement !! +0
Hey Bruce, the surprises with you really never end ... Fantastic voice full of feel and I wonder why you do not more often! I like it too much! :)+1
July 09 2016 17:44:59
Psycho Why thanks very much Stef. I have a problem with perfection (which will never be), so maybe that's why I feel my singing is a bit lame. But I really thank all the people with the positive comments and my wife who thinks it's good... lol. So maybe I'll do more of this sooner than later :) The change of pace is kinda cool !! +1
Great job man, reminds me of Lennon a bit, you sing much better than I can so you should keep it up brother!+1
July 09 2016 17:38:06
Psycho Maybe Lennon when he was 2 years old :) Naw, as much as this was a bit intimidating to try I commend wikiloops and all the folks for the ability to try almost anything. BTW, I've heard you sing, and really enjoyed it !! +1
yeah :)+1
July 09 2016 17:33:46
Psycho Yeah, I went a bit of my rocker yesterday :) But I really appreciate all you guys giving this a listen :) Thanks very much JL !! +0

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