Coral Ridge

Remix step #2
United States

Bass & Keys:

rlboyle42 jams
Remix step #4


Tutama115 jams
Remix step #5 (playing)
United States


Psycho718 jams Supporter
+ 21
Yes, it's wild weekend time =)

... and with a fine lineup right here!


July 12 2016 04:01:32
Nice! Very smooth/chill vibe.

July 10 2016 05:08:09
wow great track, powerful line up and great guitar work!
+1 July 11 2016 17:17:08 gwailoah Psycho
Thank you gw... yes these guys created a beaut here. It was a joy to try :)
July 10 2016 00:46:45
Great lead lines and nice that you left the middle open for Tutama.
+1 July 10 2016 01:57:36 Wade Psycho
Thanks Wade... oh indeed not, I wasn't going to cover up his fine play :)
July 09 2016 18:46:13
Big song!!! Actually you all sound great! :D perfect Bruce!! :)
+1 July 09 2016 18:50:03 frenzie Psycho
Thanks Frenz. Indeed... I'm just following these guys on a superb track. Enjoyed this one a lot :)
July 09 2016 18:26:40
i can just see you zoning out as the music flows through you. great job!
+1 July 09 2016 18:48:17 allgirl Psycho
How did you know :) I'm kidding, we all do that right? And if we don't it simply isn't working that day. Thanks very much my dear Paidra :)
July 09 2016 17:43:23
Superb lead guitar! Amazing Bruce!! :)
+1 July 09 2016 18:09:20 Stef Psycho
Thanks my friend, I simply couldn't let this one slip by. I'm a Floyd nut, and more so a David Gilmour follower from the beginning. I learned a lot from him, although I tried to not play like him on this but instead incorporate the technique I dig so much :)
July 09 2016 15:18:38
Reminds my of something or someone but cand put my finger on it ! Very nice playing mate
+1 July 09 2016 17:46:59 onewholeft Psycho
Probably me... lol. Thanks very much Keith :)
July 09 2016 13:39:48
Great Bruce. I agree 100% with Tutama and Rene !! Beautiful playing :)
+1 July 09 2016 17:57:07 frankyguitar Psycho
You are a fine friend franky, and I always enjoy what you say. Thanks so much for everything :)
July 09 2016 18:00:53 frankyguitar frankyguitar
And I enjoy always your playing my friend! I can feel it with with my whole body :)
July 09 2016 12:39:15
Wow ... that is perfect Psycho .... ;)
+1 July 09 2016 17:55:42 Tutama Psycho
Tut, without your killer play and the others, this would not have been possible. For that I thank you Sir :) It always goes both ways !!
July 09 2016 10:46:02
great playing Psy!!!! fantastic sound!!!! :) beautiful your phrasing here!!!! I really do like it!!!!:):)
+1 July 09 2016 17:52:52 jjdf Psycho
I do so much of this, I try to step it up a notch each time. That's hard to do with over 500 jams here. I hear a simple me here, but others seem to hear things differently, and with that said I really appreciate the fine words jj :)
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