Deep Water Metamorphosis

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Great Stuff guys !! Thank you very much !! So sorry Pete, but had to do this.
I turned this nice thing into a hardcore prog fusion funk, or so LOL !! Enjoy my typical craziness :-)


July 10 2016 13:38:16
TG_StratTG_Strat Wow this is really good Franky! I love the progrock thing you did!! The keys are great too, Franky Wakeman :D . Only shame is the sound, I wonder if it is only my speakers as nobody else commented on this, but here it is terribly clipped. I wonder if you could ask Pete for the single track and re-mix it with lower levels, I think it would sound really good.
+1 July 10 2016 15:35:14 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Hey TG, Thanx my friend! LOL Franky Wakemann :D He is a giant!! Ron (Mortheol) added some guitar and has Pete writing a PM for his solo part for a better mix! I can send every single track I've done. So WE Hope for a better mix! :)
July 10 2016 15:37:57 TG_StratTG_Strat
Cool! Yes, Mortheol should do a remix with his guitar in it as well. I am sure it is going to sound great!
July 10 2016 10:36:46
GirardGirard Cool deal Franky
+1 July 10 2016 10:42:02 Girardfrankyguitar
Hey hey, thanx my man:)
July 10 2016 10:32:49
onewholeftonewholeft Hey Franky sounds real good mate ! What guitar do you have ?
+1 July 10 2016 10:40:06 onewholeftfrankyguitar
Thanx a lot Keith! :). This one is played with my PRS SE Semihollow.
Also I play a Yamaha ERG 112 and for harder stuff the HB Progressive 8 String, okay I try to play LOL
July 10 2016 04:36:40
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+1 July 10 2016 08:55:33 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Lenny! I always appreciate your listen!! :)
July 10 2016 04:22:05
mortheolmortheol Awesome Franky...I really liked this.
The organ is so cool!!:)
Incoming add...some more Funkfusion..LOL:D

+1 July 10 2016 08:57:49 mortheolfrankyguitar
YEAH! Thank you so much Ron !!
I will listen it immediately :)
Funkfusion is cooool :D
July 10 2016 02:01:52
ivaxivax Great Franky,:)
you play always some fun and interesting things

+1 July 10 2016 08:54:17 ivaxfrankyguitar
Thanx very much Xavi! I'm always proud If I read your words my friend!! :)
July 10 2016 01:33:58
FurlanoFurlano Wooooooo !!! You mixed ELP and Fripp !
+1 July 10 2016 08:52:15 Furlanofrankyguitar
Hey Nono, longer time not see my friend. Thank You very very much! Both are heros for me, till today! ! I' so happy You think so :D Thank you :)
July 09 2016 23:58:01
petebasspetebass Hey Franky:)No need to be sorry, I love it,great playing, and some cool weird stuff-Super!!:);)
+1 July 10 2016 00:04:07 petebassfrankyguitar
Hey Pete, thanx my friend!! Yes, this is my crazy weird stuff! To make this kind of music is huge fun for me.
July 10 2016 00:08:15 petebasspetebass
July 09 2016 23:28:21
RobMRobM No need to apologise for great music my friend :)
+1 July 10 2016 00:00:55 RobMfrankyguitar
Hey Rob, thanx so much !! Maybe has Pete more pure funky stuff in mind. This place is awesome, everybody can do what have in mind! :)
July 10 2016 00:04:45 RobMRobM
This place truly is one of a kind my friend :)
July 09 2016 23:13:58
abuitremoremabuitremorem in meinen Ohren tönt es fantastisch :)
+1 July 09 2016 23:57:49 abuitremoremfrankyguitar
Dankeschön Rene!! Freut mich riesig !! :)
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