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Thank you SCHROTTI for the GREAT Template ;o)

Click "show Lyrics" if you want to read the lyrics (deutsch/ english ;o)


August 18 2016 15:51:19
fannefanne All city's look the same in rush hour.... but there is only one Ulo!
+1 August 18 2016 20:56:42 fanneUloisius
Thank you for your great comment john ... I am very pleased that you like it ;o)
July 12 2016 10:08:44
SchrottiSchrotti hey, ulo !
wie immer klasse gemacht, freut mich sehr, daß du hier eingestiegen bist !!!

+1 August 18 2016 20:55:22 SchrottiUloisius
Dein Template ging mir einfach nicht mehr aus dem Kopf ;o)
July 10 2016 17:12:14
ROBJOLROBJOL I love the way you handle this music. Talented singer and composer you are.
+1 July 10 2016 19:17:28 ROBJOLUloisius
Thank you very much Rob ;o)
July 10 2016 05:41:40
WadeWade Again picking up the feel and running with it. I lie the Uli chorus.
+1 July 10 2016 08:18:02 WadeUloisius
I do not like to be at rush hour in a strange city traveling by car. I was very happy to be there away ... I think you can hear it ;o)
July 10 2016 12:33:43 WadeWade
I'm a rural person and haven't lived in a city for nearly 50 years...I do visit and take in all the good and culture on offer, but couldn't live there.
July 10 2016 04:18:54
mortheolmortheol Fantastic Ulo:)
+1 July 10 2016 08:15:11 mortheolUloisius
Thank you very much mortheol, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ;o)
July 10 2016 00:45:54
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Love this, GREAT words !!! I totally agree with sentiment of this very well performed song. Great ULO !
+1 July 10 2016 08:14:07 HiFiFlutesUloisius
I am very happy that you like the song HiFi.
Yesterday afternoon I was driving in Wiesbaden, I was glad when I back out of the city ;o)
July 10 2016 00:08:43
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Ahh, ja das passt SUPER !! :)
Too much traffic :@

+1 July 10 2016 08:09:24 frankyguitarUloisius
Vielen Dank Franky, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ;o)
July 10 2016 00:07:07
KeitonKeiton Cool rocker!
+1 July 10 2016 08:07:04 KeitonUloisius
Thank you very much my friend ;o)

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