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So, I thought I would share a bit of myself. I wrote lyrics to this great song here, (thanks for the heads up Tof) :) but I made the mistake of not completing it at the time I wrote it. When I do that, I completely forget how I styled the lyrics and all is lost. It's both a curse and a gift, at the same time for me. SO, back to the drawing board and I came up with this idea. Hope you like it. Kind of fitting :P


July 24 2016 00:30:40
Great style..this is ART for me..compliment to you - you found the right good idea to do this with your voice - needs more thumbs!!
+1 January 11 2017 09:18:12 @FreshFunk JDF
Sorry I missed your comment. Thank you very much Fresh. This is Art, for sure :) Thank you for the inspiration.
July 18 2016 15:11:41
Very, very well done! I too had forgotten about this one. Thanks for bringing it back to life!
+1 July 19 2016 08:11:54 DannyK JDF
Thank you so much! Love finding these kind of songs on here :)
July 12 2016 10:02:12
Wow - completely forgotten about this great stem! Another fantastic performance from you with spot-on sentiments and sung to a very, very high standard. Thank you!
+1 July 12 2016 22:25:16 mpointon JDF
Thank you so very much for your kind words man. Seriously, very cool stuff man, thank you! Always great jammin with you :)
July 12 2016 02:35:21
Great! I was thinking of you before. Gonna make a cover of that Children of The Sea;)
+1 July 12 2016 22:24:21 akethesnaker JDF
Nice! Ya, that would be awesome! :)
July 12 2016 23:15:54 akethesnaker Tofzegrit
I'd like "soldier of fortune" from purple :)
July 11 2016 21:59:37
I'm liking it!
+1 July 12 2016 22:24:00 garymcmill JDF
Nice! :)
July 11 2016 21:20:23
Very cool vocals
+1 July 12 2016 22:22:54 jmrukkers JDF
Thank you :)
July 11 2016 20:47:32
Good job with the mix (on/off lead) and that sounds better than expected!!
So cool you sing here.
Merci James💜🎶💜

+1 July 12 2016 22:22:43 Tofzegrit JDF
Thank you man. Was trying to get you in there without covering up all the vocals. That's where HD remixes come in handy. I really need to get into that. Glad you like it man. I really wanted you in there :)
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