Wade Fishing in Corpus Christi Bay

Remix step #2
New Zealand


Wade374 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
United States


GemmyF804 jams Supporter
+ 14
I finally got what I've been hankering for since I joined wikiloops.

2! count them 2, different horn players on the "same" track.

I stole Wades take and FishinMission's take with and made a horn sandwich. Yum Yum Good! Along with JMB65 on Bass and PJE on drums and percussion!


August 16 2016 12:18:29
Cant believe what been going on here I had missed it all until now amazin hat you done my friend :)w

July 13 2016 16:13:41
francisco alfrancisco al
bom complemento. bom trabalho

July 13 2016 14:20:51
The concept is unusual and it's surprising how well it works in some places. I other places the music would have been served better by eliminating one voice ...1:52 to 2:08 is an example.
+1 July 13 2016 22:57:21 Wade GemmyF
Hey send me your sax only mp3 I think I might get a sax only from FishinMissio too.
July 13 2016 23:36:14 Wade Wade
No can do, already deleted. I don't usually keep tracks and will either delete when finished mixing or maybe once a week. Otherwise it eats up all the memory as in the computer they are wav files until converted for posting as MP3. I've only been asked a few times for a track for further mixing, so it's not like I've got a big demand to accommodate.
July 13 2016 14:08:46
Most amusing
+2 July 13 2016 14:14:58 philAbust Wade
You said it a brother.
July 13 2016 20:59:20 philAbust GemmyF
where is Da Dumps when you need him?
July 13 2016 23:39:27 philAbust Wade
We take de dumps when we can. Maybe need another persona called "prunes"
July 14 2016 00:00:25 philAbust GemmyF
instead of Peaches and Herbs --- coffee and prunes.
July 13 2016 12:20:47
Great idea...well executed...like the way you panned Wade...great dynamics.

July 13 2016 09:48:58
awesome track, sounds super

July 13 2016 08:24:34
Good idea and mix! Very well done Gemmy! :)

July 13 2016 04:37:28
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good job:)
+1 July 13 2016 04:41:20 Lenny Cowler GemmyF
Wade and Fish and JMB65 and PJE--yes they did do a good job! Horn players should do this more often!
July 13 2016 03:33:39
That's some fine sammich ya made there. I assume the two horns didn't have a clue? If not what an amazing non-collaboration, not to mention I was born in Corpus Christi :)
+1 July 13 2016 04:45:32 Psycho GemmyF
What a title to this one!
July 13 2016 03:02:13
Major 3rdMajor 3rd

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