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Good Evening Wikiland, Totally cool punk inspired jam by Cody. Reminds me of Green Day, and the days of CB/GB OMFUG, yes I have been there, just a couple of times, but what a dump. I remember one time I went to the toilet, only to discover like one urinal in the middle of a graffiti stained room with tattooed people milling about, I got the hell outta there... anyway I digress.... needs bass, vocals, and more guitar!!!! enjoy, rp3
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Punk, CB GB, Green Day, Live Drums, NYC


July 17 2016 18:12:34
Lenny Cowler
rp3drums Thanks Lenny. Your version is pretty good as well. I really like what Funkystan did with it! +1
Nice version Raymond, veddy cool bro ... I tried pluggin in the bass line I did with Lenny's version last week ... it werx in spots but I'd have to do it again! Bass track only work on multipe tracks when I follow nothing but the guitar. Kind of a no brainer ... lol+1
July 17 2016 18:12:00
rp3drums give it a shot bro! It must be because I made the down parts 4 on the floor with the 16 notes on the hats, Lenny plays straight thru on that part. I also added some crunch to Toms guitar on the chorus... +1
lol... good story... great job !!+1
July 18 2016 05:25:05
rp3drums thanks, I will never forget that story. I saw the Goo Goo Dolls there, they once were considered punk! +0
Just superb Ray... Thanks^^+1
Very well played!+1
You put some wickedly cool and creative percussion ideas in this man, with the guitar, well done, quite the track. Sometimes I don't realize it until later on. Nice toilet story, haha Robert Duvall: "I love the smell of piss in the morning!" that was in a movie, right?? :P+1
muito legal, rp3+0
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