Wade Fish Sax Sandwich 2

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So here is another go at this combo of a play by Wade just recently tracked and a year earlier play by Mark(FishinMissio)maybe 2 years--ahhhh(look in remix for Mark's play). So in my quest to begin to hear horn players collaborate like us guitar players have too (most time)to make a robust, full, rich and complex music I sandwiched these guys together. I got a SAX only track from Mark so I had a little better ability to adjust level--Since Wade's track was with Bass only it wasn't that hard to Download Bass track, plus the Bass and Drums Track too. Tracks used JMB65' Bass-Session Template; PJE's Drums and Percussion - 45114; Fishinmissio's Sax- 46072, Wade's Sax with JMB65 Bass - 78053


July 18 2016 14:10:31
GemmyFGemmyF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_okD1ZAg984

July 17 2016 00:53:03
FishinmissioFishinmissio I like this one better..Been tempted to join Wade, but we have techniques that differ..certainly would however love joining Wade in a joint venture.

July 16 2016 23:17:20
WadeWade Certainly amazing how so much of this fits together. Makes one wonder what would happen if there was "intent".
+1 July 17 2016 00:00:32 WadeGemmyF
I've been wondering out loud for days!!! Nike commercial--no Nike Slogan! yOu know--just do it!
July 17 2016 00:54:51 WadeFishinmissio
I'd like to do that sometime since you've been so instrumental in helping me improve my playing skills :)
July 17 2016 13:52:13 WadeWade
Jump in whenever the mood strikes you. What's the worst that could happen?
July 17 2016 14:30:41 WadeGemmyF
seems the best way is to maybe have a "forum" where ideas are floated--maybe examples from music that somewhat would inform possible collabs, in a "song-building" endeavor--maybe a "talky" uploaded with humming ideas over the piece in the HD area.
July 17 2016 23:43:08 WadeWade
Forum or against-em, doesn't matter to me, not going to be there. I'm a jammer, plain and simple. When music becomes work it's time to walk away. If it takes more than three goes recording to get something OK I let it go. For me it's about spontaneity. If I were trying to make a template, that would take a lot of time and work...so I don't do templates...just react to them. Just being honest here. If others wish to plan and talk about what they are going to play no matter to me...I won't be there.

OK with talking about music (philosophically) but not about planning out what I'm going to play or what anyone else should play.

Not wishing to be a "spoilsport" but need to be honest as time in life is getting short. I don't play with bands that want me to play written music, standards, or arrangements for the same reason. I get calls to step in as an improviser and will do that if it doesn't require rehearsals.
July 17 2016 23:47:52 WadeGemmyF
roger that!
July 18 2016 14:09:48 WadeGemmyF
July 19 2016 00:38:01 WadeWade
Yea, Jimmy was a cool player. Don't know who was playing sax, but obviously a very written and practiced track with overdubs for the two horn effect. A good payer here is javisax who does these sorts of arrangements. Check him out.
July 16 2016 21:47:31
PsychoPsycho Cool sounds all over the place... can't get tired of this one !!

July 16 2016 18:41:41
Major 3rdMajor 3rd super!

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