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Psycho761 jams Supporter
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I sincerely felt TG should post this but he insisted that I put it up. It all started when he offered to remix it if I sent him the vocal track (which I was happy to do).
I feel he mixed this song ten times better than the original track including the fantastic lead guitar work he added. When I first heard it, it created a big smile on this old mug =)

I thank him dearly for the work he put into this track and again I thank cody for making it all possible!

Dedicated to memories, past, present, and future.


July 17 2016 14:10:34
Excellent mix.
+1 July 17 2016 14:48:05 Wade Psycho
I surely thank you Wade, and the fact this came together successfully is even more special, and shows just one more feature of what we can do here... bravo TG :)
July 17 2016 05:02:27
Killer tune !!!
+2 July 17 2016 14:45:46 WHITEPONGO Psycho
Thanks WP, and please give all the kudos to my soundman TG ;)... maybe even a thumb on his original track? I really appreciate all the folks here listening once again, and maybe for the first time. It's working together to an even greater extent than the "track tree" that makes it all even more worthwhile and a cool place to hang out :)
August 10 2016 13:17:00 WHITEPONGO TeeGee
I am happy to be your soundman anytime P!!
July 17 2016 04:37:59
Great track and an excellent remix. Great job!
+2 July 17 2016 14:39:09 gwailoah Psycho
It's so hard to try and make sure TG gets all the credit for this gw, but he believed I should post this. All I can do thank you guys for giving it another listen... I'm very grateful to everyone :)
July 17 2016 01:54:28
This is really a fantastic track! Great mixdown Bruce! :)
+2 July 17 2016 14:36:12 Stef Psycho
Indeed TG did a wonderful job on this Stef. As I mentioned, it put a big smile on my face when he sent me this mix :)
July 17 2016 01:50:01
cool song :)
+2 July 17 2016 14:33:43 OliVBee Psycho
I tried Oliv :) I thank you for the nice comment. Nothing like a community working together for the music and a better wikiloops !!
July 17 2016 00:49:28
cody trippcody tripp
+1 July 17 2016 14:29:34 cody tripp Psycho
Without the music you so unselfishly contribute here this song would never have evolved, and that goes for so many tracks here. I think I can speak for this whole community in saying how thankful we are that you work so hard making this a better place to make music. Tom, we simply can't thank you enough !! :)
July 17 2016 15:15:25 cody tripp TeeGee
Agree 1000%
July 17 2016 00:42:27
Great remix, Super vocals,TG's done a great job,your vocals are much clearer and louder,and they are cool buddy,so deserve to be heard,you sound a lot like Neil young,:);):)
+2 July 17 2016 14:24:07 petebass Psycho
Thanks, and I totally agree with you Pete. I picture guys in a studio trying to make a so so track sound worthwhile. TG did just that :)
July 17 2016 14:28:29 petebass petebass
I agree partially, except your vocals are'nt so so, they are good-well done buddy
July 17 2016 00:04:58
Total superness !! enjoyment through and through. sweet jam by all !! groovalicious :)
+1 July 17 2016 14:21:56 HiFiFlutes Psycho
Thank you HiFi... I have to think cody's music was just the ticket that allowed me to even attempt singing. Then this remix really came out well. A ton O fun to work together this way :)
July 16 2016 23:31:32
Great to hear the new version, i love everything you do Bruce :)
+2 July 17 2016 14:19:28 Stella Psycho
That's very nice of you to say dear Stel, and thanks for listening again. What TG has done with this shocked me for sure :)
July 16 2016 23:05:42
Congrats you guys. Great song through and through
+1 July 17 2016 14:17:01 PeterVeillon Psycho
Thanks Peter... I'm not built to be a singer, although TG made it sound like I could maybe try this again someday. It was a blast working with him :)

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