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Been a bad couple weeks here on the home front..Having to deal with thieves(as in securing possesions) bit by a damn dog today on the job...came home for the weekend and just needed to vent out on my horn.

This one from Dafunkydrummer and Stef drew me in. Probably got carried away..but ...guess what? I feel better now! Thanks to all my Wikifriends here for allowing me to vent in a good way :)


July 18 2016 05:37:55
Sorry about the shit of a happens yet good that you could vent. Nice phrasing and playing from the heart.
+1 July 18 2016 12:48:52 Wade Fishinmissio
Behind me now....Thanks for listening :)
July 18 2016 01:10:02
Great Fish :)

July 17 2016 20:15:42
A bad experience, sorry Mark! But I'm happy that this song has helped you to release tension! Wonderful sax phrasing and then from 2:45 ...a full charge of great feeling! Thank you so much for this superb add! :)
+1 July 17 2016 22:17:15 Stef Fishinmissio
I felt better after joining you two! Thank you!😊
July 17 2016 15:09:33
Well, sure glad you made it through ok. Was it a chihuahua that bit ya... they can be mean as heck :) But, with all that chaos, you sure played a great sax here Fish :)
+1 July 17 2016 16:08:07 Psycho Fishinmissio musta got an A in spelling for getting "chihuahua" spelled right. I think they were Border Collies, and probably what hurt me the most was that I let one of em get to me..:)
July 17 2016 16:13:57 Psycho Psycho
We own one of those wild little taco dogs... a vicious beast named Ringo :)
July 17 2016 16:15:15 Psycho Fishinmissio
We refer to them as "Ankle Biters"
July 17 2016 16:20:52 Psycho GemmyF
This is no lie. I went to Puerto rico one winter to surf and there was the first Nuclear power plant that was shut down in the 60s. Anyway there was a pack of mutant chihuahuas at the entrance of it. I surfed till dark and had to walk by there to get back to my hut. 7 of those beasts surrounded me like wolves each attacking at different times. Had my surfboard only and would swing it as they would attack. I eventually made it to the urchin encrusted water fighting them off as i went, only to have to walk on reef full of urchins till I was able to lay the board down without the board fins scrapping the bottom. Yes urchin spines in my hands then , not just my feet. so i had to paddle into the surf at night, bleeding... finally made it around those things. When I say mutant several were fathered by a big dominate German Shepherd who got his pick of the ladies. Anyway Mark I feel for ya. Your playing made me want to cry -- so you suffered for your art!
July 17 2016 17:53:32 Psycho Fishinmissio
Damn..Sounds like a movie script :) I had it easy :)
July 17 2016 18:05:08 Psycho GemmyF
Mark the lighting was sooo bizarre over there as they had these "Street lights" made a greenish cast. So as the dogs attacked the shadows on the asphalt were really eerie and had this kind of green halo around them and elongated the figures of them. Time stands still in these kind of situations. I think my voice was sore for a day as I was turning into the hulk myself. I never got bit. It would have pushed me over the edge. That was 40 yrs ago and seems like yesterday. Really I'm just enjoying typing and listening to ya'lls beautiful jam. Hope you reported those dogs. They should have been on a chain especially if they are biters.
July 17 2016 12:10:21
so beautiful!
+1 July 17 2016 16:09:49 bhunt1 Fishinmissio
Thank :)
July 17 2016 06:21:33
Real Nice Mark.
+1 July 17 2016 16:10:15 GemmyF Fishinmissio
Thanks! Now it's off to the home improvement store :)
July 17 2016 06:15:30
Beautiful phrasing, great add, good bad dog… :D
+1 July 17 2016 16:10:58 nuno1959 Fishinmissio
Arrrrgh..That lady is gonna have to go to the street to get her packages from here on out :)
July 17 2016 06:12:06
I hope you bite him back! :)
Lovely piece Mark.

+1 July 17 2016 16:11:37 FrankieJ Fishinmissio
I usually tell em that when I meet a potential
July 17 2016 05:25:44
so nice!!! awesome sax....:) ... carried away??? lucky me!!! :D
+1 July 17 2016 16:12:24 jjdf Fishinmissio
Maybe just a bit too much emotion, and a bit less techniquee stuff..Thanks!
July 17 2016 05:06:06
Nice job fish !! For a dog attack
+1 July 17 2016 16:13:09 WHITEPONGO Fishinmissio
There's a reason I was a cat lover :) Although I did have a rather bad experience with my dad's cat :)
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