State Line

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Finally got around finishing this piece of americana, it has been fermenting for a while now. But this ain't some gentle pink sparkling wine, this is beer. Strong, cold beer. Lots of it. At least a sixpack. Straight down Rocknroll.

As most of you probably noticed that the main vocals are sung by our own Incivanpico, and me just adding to the chorus. Lyrics also by Pico. The vocals were recorded right here in my living room, it was just a try to see how it would sound but then it sounded good to us, so here it is :D.

It's a tribute to Free guitarist Paul Kossoff who is up there somewhere, probably rocking hard and drinking beer. I hope you don't mind Paul - I really tried - but it will never be even close.

Thanks Brian - the second take was THE business, and Ray for letting me have all the separate drum channels. Thanks Pico, rock on!!


July 26 2016 12:22:02
jstefjstef sounds great from all of you guys

July 19 2016 16:24:38
francisco alfrancisco al casou legal bom trabalho

July 18 2016 17:27:52
gioganottigioganotti Very nice brother. Will be in my car tomorrow morning. ;)
+1 July 19 2016 19:08:01 gioganottiTG_Strat
Best compliment I could imagine. Thanks man :)
July 18 2016 14:41:11
incivanpicoincivanpico Awesome job buddy!thanks for putting this together TG! ;)
+2 July 19 2016 19:07:38 incivanpicoTG_Strat
Thank you mate, it has been a lot of fun. More to come for sure ;)
July 19 2016 19:28:22 incivanpicobhunt1
Your singing on this was awesome Pico!
July 19 2016 19:53:35 incivanpicoincivanpico
Thank m8! ;) that means a lot fella :)
July 18 2016 05:27:13
rp3drumsrp3drums sounds awesome, happy to have been part of this!
+1 July 19 2016 19:07:04 rp3drumsTG_Strat
Yes, you rock!!!
July 17 2016 21:24:31
aduadu Cool Band here! Sounds really good Gentlemen! :)

July 17 2016 21:14:00
StefStef Great vocal TG! Great rock jam! I love The Free..:)

July 17 2016 21:02:38
FunkystanFunkystan Great one... Thanks a lot guys ^^

July 17 2016 20:05:14
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent TG, sounds really great!! Klasse Mix mein Freund!! :)

July 17 2016 20:03:49
Ernie440Ernie440 Great rock tune guys - kudos!!


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