Black Flag Day

Remix step #4 (playing)


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Cody, Ray, Ernie... What a band!!!

I usually don't record/mix and upload so fast.
I need a step back. I couldn't help myself. I hope the mix works

My guitar is in the mix, coming from #78096.
Sorry for this (The right sided one at 20) I was focused on the global sounding.

I've mixed three tracks coming from Cody, Ray and Ernie and recorded new vocals.
There's a slight delay between Ernie's one and the two others.
It brings a typing machine "sounding" around the Hi-Hat at the beginning and some splash on the snare.
From my listening it works great. But this track deserves the best. I can send my separate takes if needed.
Ray, I need your feedback and your skills on this.

I do hope I don't say silly things. No offense intented talking about faith and flags. Just hope!
We need solidarity and dignity on these days.
Music rules^^


February 19 2017 21:30:41
so cool!
+1 February 28 2017 11:07:26 jamlady Funkystan
Thanks a lot! And thanks for your add. Glad you join in ^^
October 10 2016 14:40:11
COOL! Compliments for all participants :-)
+1 October 12 2016 19:40:11 Larzan Funkystan
Thanks a lot Larzan ^^
August 02 2016 13:11:38
Awesome Vocals, love it :)
+1 August 20 2016 21:44:17 rawfox Funkystan
Thanks a lot Rawfox. Sorry for my answer's delay, I'm coming back a 3 weeks trip ^^
July 25 2016 04:54:00
Nice! :)
+1 July 25 2016 11:47:15 piper Funkystan
Many thanks Piper ^^
July 24 2016 04:44:31
francisco alfrancisco al
encaixou bem com á banda bom trabalho
+1 July 25 2016 11:48:05 francisco al Funkystan
Muito obrigado francisco ^^
July 20 2016 22:49:09
ça envois dur ^^ bien joué le finisterien ;)
it's very very good!!!!

+1 July 20 2016 23:22:19 mathias56 Funkystan
Breizh power man!!!
Thanks a lot Mathias ^^
July 20 2016 18:42:08
cody trippcody tripp
+2 July 20 2016 23:21:31 cody tripp Funkystan
You are the band leader Cody... I couldn't do this without you and the band...
I'm more than happy that you like it. Thanks a lot ^^
July 20 2016 00:31:36
beau morceau !
+1 July 20 2016 00:33:26 Sophie Funkystan
Merci beaucoup Sophie... J'ai un énorme groupe avec moi... Thanks ^^
July 20 2016 00:36:21 Sophie Sophie
je ne connais pas encore Ernie mais je vais aller jeter mes oreilles sur ses pistes !! Y'a tellement de trucs bien que c'est dur de tout suivre !!!
July 20 2016 00:38:37 Sophie Funkystan
Ernie et bien d'autres... Je n'arrive pas à suivre non plus et je passe très souvent... Merci encore Sophie ^^
July 19 2016 09:27:31
Frickin awesome Funkystan. I woke up to this amazing song. Vocals are great, mix is perfect. Thanks so much. And great message to.
+1 July 19 2016 11:28:38 rp3drums Funkystan
Thanks a lot Ray!!!
I've done it fast and stayed focused on my recording. But mixing the track I was listening carefully to each instrument. Amazing drumming from you!!! I'm still stuck^^. That slight delay brings a natural chorus. Great to play with you Ray. Thanks a lot again^^
July 19 2016 03:27:52
You rock Stan!!
+1 July 19 2016 11:20:54 garymcmill Funkystan
Hey Gary! Many thanks pal^^
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