While she's sleeping (bluesy bass)

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This magnificent jam deserves a bass line, a touch jazzy blues bass. I used Marcus Miller Sire Bass on neck pickup with deep shape tone bass on the amplifier. I hope you like... seven minutes real fun!!


July 19 2016 20:10:51
stratomanstratoman Good job Glez
+1 July 19 2016 20:15:50 stratomanGlezBass
Gracias Strato, intentando dar en mis posibilidades el mangnifico nivel de mis antecesores, una buena jam la disfrute como un enana. Saludos paisano
July 19 2016 20:19:12 stratomanstratoman
gracias compañero.
no soy jazzman,soy mas bien blackmoriano, pero me encantó solear sobre esta base, y tu bajo suena excelentemente, claro y profundo.
un abrazo.
July 19 2016 20:21:49 stratomanGlezBass
te quedo perfectly amigo
July 19 2016 15:33:14
fannefanne Great Bass Glez!this can be said too for the rest of the gang!

July 19 2016 14:20:59
francisco alfrancisco al ficou muito legal bom trabalho

July 19 2016 12:28:15
tyros4tyros4 El piano no esta sonando en estereo

July 19 2016 12:27:42
tyros4tyros4 Muy bueno 👌👌
Piano yamaha mx 🎹

+1 July 19 2016 13:38:08 tyros4GlezBass
si tienes razon, pero el bajo suena bien profundo en los dos canales je je, ahora que vuelvo a oir la jam en el tiempo
July 19 2016 16:34:03 tyros4tyros4
yo tengo ese mismo piano en muestras del kontakt aveces lo uso
hay uno en el mx que me encanta que se llama ballad key y es como para baladas y queda muy bien yo le uso aqui en #78213
mx es buen teclado
July 19 2016 08:02:27
Major 3rdMajor 3rd perfecto!
+1 July 19 2016 10:01:29 Major 3rdGlezBass
Thanks Major
July 19 2016 07:05:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+1 July 19 2016 10:01:17 Lenny CowlerGlezBass
Thanks Lenny
July 19 2016 05:02:42
nuno1959nuno1959 Great play GB & that's a full, smooth sounding bass you're playing there.. ;) Perfect add to this, well done
+1 July 19 2016 10:01:04 nuno1959GlezBass
though it seems simple bass line, has not found it easy to maintain certain tonality changes to keep the keyboard, I had to practice a while the jam, but has been pretty good, and I love the deep tone ... he he
July 19 2016 03:28:07
WadeWade Excellent bass work. Could do with a remix to bring the vocals above the guitar.
+1 July 19 2016 09:58:24 WadeGlezBass
Thanks Wade, we don't have isolated voice Shi inHD track ...
July 19 2016 02:41:51
FrankisaurFrankisaur Sounds good buddy! I really like the slides at the ends of the phrase.
+1 July 19 2016 09:56:09 FrankisaurGlezBass
Thanks Franki
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