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We've all been locked out looking for a key that you can't find right ? then you get the where's my key blues ... Blues doesn't have to be the same ole 12 bars ;) ... and yes you can hear my damn right barefoot taping on the floor :D Have fun !!


Amazingly cool! :)+1
Super cool blues - outstanding piece!+1
francisco al
I heard this guitar here and then got better with that guitar that you put very well, good job + 1+1
very nice OliV ... petty complex for blues :)+1
Magificent!! J'aime beaucoup!+1
Lenny Cowler
Cool OlivBee even the foot tap well done+1
There are no rules for the blues, it's just a state of mind. Love the track!+1
Key? I like playing in monk key. Just as well we are going to a monastery. clues.+2
July 20 2016 03:38:01
GemmyF Dog gone Wade just dial ya up some Rickie Lee Jones on the dang internet for few ideas. She's full of furls and flourishes to inspire. That's what I always do. Just say no the ChuckEnLuv(great sax on that BTW) though +0
July 20 2016 10:01:22
Wade Yea, like Rickie Lee. Not interested in sounding like/copy/etc her backing. Very well trodden jazz cliche sound leaning towards Kenny G. I'd rather play crappy me than a great imitation of Kenny G. If it isn't coming from me it ain't coming. +1
July 20 2016 13:38:04
GemmyF Are you spinning rhymes now? I just like saying Rickie Lee. But don't say the other guy --ever. +1
July 20 2016 13:44:38
GemmyF there is a difference between imitation and inspiration, one requires perspiration the other relaxation/enjoyment +1
July 20 2016 16:06:58
GemmyF Plus I was talking about her voice being the saxophone -- not the sax being the point of inspiration. +0
July 20 2016 23:32:35
Wade Would be nice to have a sax that had a sexy female voice. Maybe should leave that to female sax players? As far as influences we are all probably bits and pieces of many people... whether we realize it or not. Any influence that gets through my thick hide is welcome to hang out. Just not seeking and trying to take my own journey. +0
Major 3rd
blues is the soul. The root of all rock n roll...real nice upload here! ;O) I like the jazz blues mix you did...I appreciate ALL styles....I like it all.+1

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