Skips a beat - REMIX(what else)

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United States

Keys & Drums & Vocals:

piper887 jams Supporter
Remix step #4
United States

Guitar & Vocals:

GemmyF606 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)
United States


GemmyF606 jams Supporter
+ 6
Brought up the music of Piper. 1969Orange and Ernie440

Sang some new parts(like a bass synth pad)
and replaced annoying parts.(Annoying to me--Piper might want to wipe it all out)(Does she have the football and the codes???)

This session is really cool and want to do a good job.


July 20 2016 18:32:36
mortheolmortheol Yes..Mo'Better Remix and Addition...:)
It is such a cool take on all of these versions of this template.:D
I really like the part at 2:00.

July 20 2016 02:45:29
PsychoPsycho Indeed a well done mix... very good listen... yet again :)
+1 July 20 2016 03:31:07 PsychoGemmyF
Thanks Bruce! what I like on this -- that I did was the very repetitive guitar(lead) it really gets me going in boogie mode. Plus all the other great things going on by Piper Orange and Ernie, my guitar is almost transparent--in the best way!
July 20 2016 01:46:54
Ernie440Ernie440 Cool, I notice your mixing is getting better all the time (on the loops in general), cleaner. This is good. Cool tune!! Weird as hell (for what I usually play and listen to) but I like it! lol Good to step outside your box I guess. :) Thanks again.

July 20 2016 01:38:39
1969orange1969orange Nice Gem. Great job.

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