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So this is actually a piece i wrote for classical guitar. but since i don't have the proper recording gear to record my acoustic playig, i made it in my DAW to share it with you people.

i tried aiming for this celtic/irish/folkish kinda vibe for it, and i think i succeeded. it's a pretty straight forward piece, but it might be a little fast for some people.

feel free to check the style & chord section, i wrote some information there about which chords i use.

the *Myst* Chord is a chord i can't seem to figure.
it's constructed by a B, D, G, with a high B going into a high C in the melody line.

on the guitar it would be like this:

2nd fret A string
Open D string
Open G string.
Open B String, hammer on 1st fret.

i tried using google to figure this out, but this confused me even more...
at first it was saying G/b, then it started saying Cmaj9 (3rd position)
and eventually i just gave up.


November 01 2016 01:38:49
abuitremoremabuitremorem sounds great

August 19 2016 16:22:53
ellouidirellouidir Fantastic ! I love it at this tempo :). Well done !

August 11 2016 01:18:41
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Pedersen
+0 August 11 2016 11:35:40 francisco alPedersen
Muito obrigado
July 24 2016 13:27:22
PedersenPedersen #79025 slower version, 67 bpm, same key and same pitch.

July 22 2016 15:02:32
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super! Love it! Wish it was a little bit slower because I`m not Malmsteen:D
+1 July 24 2016 00:57:27 akethesnakerPedersen
i can easily upload it slower if you want me to! it's just tweaking the bpm knob, so no biggie!
July 24 2016 02:13:48 akethesnakerakethesnaker
I was jamming to this, it works but if you want take a slower too, this is gold!;)
July 24 2016 13:19:39 akethesnakerPedersen
Awesome mate, ill get right on it.
July 21 2016 17:32:35
TG_StratTG_Strat Lol you spent a lot of effort tracking down this mysterious chord, just for that 2 likes :) I It's a nice chord progression, well done!
+2 July 21 2016 18:18:50 TG_StratPedersen
yea its a very smooth chord progression ty! and yes, i used alot of effort.. i still don't know tho.

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