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piper886 jams Supporter
Remix step #2 (playing)


davidaustin292 jams Supporter

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lead guitar would be nice....


July 21 2016 21:40:34
abuitremoremabuitremorem very cool :)
+1 July 22 2016 06:37:21 abuitremoremdavidaustin
many thanks for the listen abu.
July 20 2016 14:10:16
piperpiper Cool David nice to hear you!
Nice intro! Really like what you did 2:13 on nice! :)

+1 July 20 2016 19:19:08 piperdavidaustin
a big thanks to you for the music, experimenting and having fun, pleased you liked this.
July 20 2016 13:48:53
mortheolmortheol Dave GREAT playing here!! Super!!
3:04 forward nice!!
I like the bouncy delay at the start, perfect guitar layering of all the parts.:) You gave a heavier edge to this.
I like hearing all the different interpretations on this great template from Piper:)
I may be back here on this add:D

+1 July 20 2016 19:20:37 mortheoldavidaustin
thanks for the listen and compliment Ron, I look forward to any add, stayed low for adds...
July 20 2016 20:54:35 mortheolmortheol
Later tonight...5 hours behind ya' are already in the future..LOL:P
July 20 2016 08:29:20
KeitonKeiton Nice playing david:)
+1 July 20 2016 19:16:38 Keitondavidaustin
many thanks for the listen Kie, cool track from Piper.
July 20 2016 19:17:54 KeitonKeiton
Welcome :)
July 20 2016 19:21:17 Keitondavidaustin
need some more blues from you Kie...

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