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Unless you're Pete! Yeah this was inspired by Pete as we should all be. Actually I had his last Lo-Fi recording (Invincible)(at least I think that's his last recording.) Anyway --- I was in Logic(my editing software)with his track in it (PETEBASS)(with Bothen and Ernie440) and I was getting hung up on his chorus(I blame it on the Lo-fi approach)(Ernie had no problem with it) But I did.....So I gave up and Did my own retro sounder. In the meantime I noticed that Pexe had in the shout box loaded a new tune--I had to hear that one--and so my intro was inspired by his piece. Also Girard's McNugget Meltdown piece. Plus was inspired by the Minions!!!!!!!! There is a toy in the bag Girard(if you're out there at the end of the "piece" --I think I'm beginning to sound pretentious. "Oh no, it's ok" hmmm.....
Lyrics are in the Chord section.


July 21 2016 07:37:21

July 21 2016 03:57:52
+0 July 21 2016 04:32:23 piper GemmyF
Yeah so! Went and visited the grandbaby while her parents were gone for a week. So I was reliving some of that. I'm PopPop BTW and she would just be glued to the tube when Minions was one. I keep calling her Bob. So anyway...that's part of the story. The other part well...
July 21 2016 04:36:04 piper GemmyF
Also No Actual Minions were used in this production, but saying the words of Kokomo(BBoys) and reversed--- sounds a lot like 'em
July 21 2016 05:19:01 piper piper
LOL, too funny!
July 21 2016 01:06:57
Hmmm, one minute your chasing the town folk with a chainsaw and the next minute you are chasing butterflies. I like it!!
+1 July 21 2016 01:29:38 Bothen GemmyF
No Chainsaws were used in the production of this piece. Thanks. I wish I had a chain saw. but the one I want is really expensive. That is a butterfly.
July 21 2016 04:40:30 Bothen GemmyF
Good description--Ted Nugget with a chainsaw? The Bob Marley with a butterfly net and fuzzy guitars
July 21 2016 01:01:58
I just love this,you can always rely om jim to do some great zany stuff, and this is brill, :);):)

July 21 2016 00:59:36
Indeed, that is the truth with so many tracks here. Very cool 60's sound here and I feel this will get adds :)
+1 July 21 2016 01:05:12 Psycho GemmyF
Yeah i'll probably add to it.Lol!
July 21 2016 04:35:59 Psycho Psycho
LMFAO.... best one I've heard all week !!
July 21 2016 04:51:22 Psycho GemmyF
I aim to please!
July 21 2016 00:44:50
This is awesome my friend. creativity max !! Nice work :)
+0 July 21 2016 00:46:04 HiFiFlutes GemmyF
Dude You killed the Pexe piece. You made it music!
July 21 2016 00:48:24 HiFiFlutes HiFiFlutes
WoW thanks man. HUGE compliment greatly appreciated :) :)
July 21 2016 00:38:50
LOL quite the mashup, i'm definitely out here


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