He's So

Remix step #3 (playing)
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GemmyF608 jams Supporter
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added some vocals -- putting up the vocals if you want to edit them, remix them, whatever(file 13)(that's the trash)
This session was a delight to work on. Thanks for such a great piece.


September 04 2016 15:39:18
NewbieSaxNewbieSax I downloaded this to work on. Every time I listen to it , it is better than I remember. Killer work Gemmy Jim. Killer song
+0 September 04 2016 16:08:43 NewbieSaxGemmyF
thanks! it is just a really great one. I did some singing with pk's singing, he was a majority of this one. Wen I heard what he had done I thought I have to give it it try. Thanks Again!
July 23 2016 20:26:34
abuitremoremabuitremorem Pavroti :):):) - super
+1 July 23 2016 21:07:15 abuitremoremGemmyF
Yeah Man!!!!
July 23 2016 18:34:41
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

July 23 2016 09:33:47
josepssvjosepssv I like short and repetitive lirycs!!

+0 July 23 2016 09:35:44 josepssvGemmyF
Me too! Really has a way to get to you!
July 23 2016 09:36:22 josepssvGemmyF
PK's voice is so awesome it was great to sing with him!
July 21 2016 23:35:05
ivaxivax Fantastic Gemmy :)

July 21 2016 21:01:27
FunkystanFunkystan This is really superb! Great template and your job is very balanced and sharp... You should add a lead voice to it.
+0 July 21 2016 21:07:46 FunkystanGemmyF
Give it a go. It'd be nice to hear another voice on this!
July 21 2016 21:12:07 FunkystanFunkystan
It could match... Your vocals are superb. I've got to find a starting point around the lyrics.
July 21 2016 21:16:43 FunkystanGemmyF
Yeah. Once the idea hits there is no turning back, everything at this point I would try would be trite. It's what pops in my head. But sure surely there is an interesting way with this with phrasing and tone. I didn't have to come up with a lyrical content as that was set. It was nice because I could focusing on the technical end of this one.
July 21 2016 21:21:01 FunkystanFunkystan
Yep... I've no control on what pops in too. That's the fun point!
Let's see what happens here ^^
July 21 2016 13:12:13
pklieschpkliesch What a cool voice you have! Great add, Gemmy! :)
+1 July 21 2016 20:46:15 pklieschGemmyF
PK You have a great cool voice!
July 21 2016 05:24:17
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Cool track :) reminds me a bit somehow of Roy Orbison


July 21 2016 05:08:39
GemmyFGemmyF The harmonies remind me of Fleet Foxes till I get off script.

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