steppenwolf at full moon

Remix step #3 (playing)

Trombone & Clarinet & Trumpet:

Pewi269 jams Supporter
+ 10
Thanks to " Geistbaum " for this interesting track!!
All instruments with the EVI played .
( The clarinet is an oboe)Unfortunately fits any of my Native American flute that would super fit ...


July 26 2016 11:07:05
mpointonmpointon Wonderful tones and moods and the trombone (?) providing a secondary, almost jazzy, bass pattern is a masterstroke. To me, it lends a dark and twisted New Orleans sound to the track.
+1 July 27 2016 16:09:54 mpointonPewi
Yes , exactly trombone , you're right , but all the EVI played (electronic wind instrument).Thank you very much for your kind words
July 21 2016 21:26:13
abuitremoremabuitremorem so langsam ab er sicher macht mich dieses Ewi neugierig :) tönt super :)
+1 July 21 2016 22:32:52 abuitremoremPewi
Ja, das EVI ist wirklich ein cooles Theil. schau doch da mal rein:)( übrigens vielen Dank, dass Du immer wieder mal bei mir reinschaust.
July 21 2016 21:15:21
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Sweet composition here Pewi. Sounds really great :) very much enjoy this :) You have much talent !!
+1 July 21 2016 22:29:21 HiFiFlutesPewi
I thank you Chris . This could be a great foundation for Native American flute :)
July 21 2016 19:32:00
GeistbaumGeistbaum Fantastic! :)
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"One half of this music, the melody, was all pomade and sugar and sentimentality. The other half was savage, temperamental and vigorous. Yet the two went artlessly well together and made whole."-Harry Haller(Steppenwolf)

+2 July 21 2016 22:27:23 GeistbaumPewi
I am very glad that you like it , thank you . Hermann Hesse " Steppenwolf " it would again read ...
July 21 2016 16:33:47
titititi Incredible sounds Pee !
+1 July 21 2016 22:23:48 titiPewi
un grand merci à monsieur:)

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