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PgPete dropped me a line asking if I'd take a look at this tune. I didn't need asking twice - what a great latin-infused track from Pete, Wade and Kimbo here.

Initially I considered a bossanova but decided it was too twee so went for a more backbeat approach, a sort of Santana effort. Instead, I'm playing a backbeat but playing on the toms too to lend it more of a latin lilt which I feel gives the track a little more drive but keeps the style. Went for a full-on gated reverb on the snare to give it the late '80s Santana sound.

Oh yes, watch the cheeky bars of 5/4 on the turnarounds!!

Playing my Yamaha kit with my Ludwig snare covered in gaffer tape.


No reverb on the HD drums.


September 07 2016 00:38:08
kimbokimbo don't know how the hell i missed this ...nice one! and it fits!
and i didn't use a click!

+1 September 07 2016 03:21:51 kimbompointon
No worries! I miss so many things too!!!

Hope the gin's working out! :)
July 22 2016 21:05:37
BossHenBossHen Great drumming and like the way you explain the process you go through to come to the finished article ...... hope this is a good sign for the loops that the shoulder is mending!

July 22 2016 18:51:47
pklieschpkliesch Great one, Martin! Seems your shoulder is okay again? :)

July 22 2016 17:42:34
pgpetepgpete Hey Martin, now that's what I'm talking about!. I'm glad that you explained the creative process you went through - I too was initially thinking a bossa beat but noticed Kimbos guitar parts were a bit " Santana" in places - and adjusted accordingly. and yeah, the 5/4 bars were conveniently placed in spots where the arrangement meant I didnt have to play that awkward extra beat. Well done!

July 22 2016 16:55:45
kennyadrykennyadry Missed a lot of things right now but thank goodness I didn't miss this track! Lovely track from all and perfectly suitable drumming from you Martin! :)

July 22 2016 03:26:07
goldtop68goldtop68 so cool

July 22 2016 02:02:30
WadeWade So good to have you on this. Classy play that give contrast to my silliness. Yea difficult turnaround and I'm sure I didn't help much with my off rhythm play. Good job!

July 22 2016 00:10:20
PsychoPsycho Perfect... not much else to say... you are the man !!

July 21 2016 23:11:48
DrumshticksDrumshticks Love the sound of those Yammies .Great playing Martin nice approach.G

July 21 2016 23:04:32
LysbleuLysbleu Nice collaboration of you all. Good wrap Martin.


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