Taken by Voices in The Rain

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Hope you may enjoy this play.. :) As much as I enjoyed playing it :) added plains style native flute. Please Feel free to mess with it, hack it, wack it, chop it, up it, down it, add to it, take from it ? whatever :)


Karliene messaged me on Facebook quote:

"Gorgeous, I love what you did to enhance this song. You've given it such a mystical edge with those flutes. It's magical. xx"
January 18 2017 06:55:47
HiFiFlutes Hey musicworks !! Thanks man,, Been gone for a while, I am back now :) Thanks for showing your interest in this music !! Thanks for heads up about Karliene :) Much appreciation ! +0
Beautiful as always Chris :)+0
July 24 2016 19:40:19
HiFiFlutes Hey rob Thanks my friend !! Glad you like this play :) I love this base track !!! +1
a wonderful guitar track and your playis magical!+0
July 24 2016 19:40:51
HiFiFlutes Thank you Pewi, Super nice compliment :) much appreciated ! +0
One of my all time favorites and you just added another cool version to the list :)+0
July 24 2016 19:41:23
HiFiFlutes Thanks my friend. !! Glad you enjoye this play :) +0
"when you're strange, faces come out of the rain." that being the case, i must be strange cause i see faces all the time. great playing, both of you.+0
July 24 2016 19:42:04
HiFiFlutes Hi, Thanks my friend , glad you listened happy you enjoyed :) +0
francisco al
muito bom trabalho+0
July 24 2016 19:39:13
francisco al
HiFiFlutes Thank you for listening, thank you for kind words :) +0
Necesito esta pista pero tengo un problema al descargar se pone detenida que consejo me podrian dar con todo el respeto ya que soy nuevo aqui+0
March 11 2017 14:41:53
HiFiFlutes Hi Derik, no Spanish language ): User named Ivax from spain, he maybe can help :) Type Ivax in search bar at top of page. :) +0
March 11 2017 14:43:37
HiFiFlutes Hola Derik, no español): Usuario llamado Ivax de España, tal vez puede ayudar a sonreír Tipo Ivax en la barra de búsqueda en la parte superior de la página. sonreír +0

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