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Jammin' some bass to Peter's groovy composition over Tenche's fabulous drums. Thanks guys for the fun jam!!! :-)


July 23 2016 06:31:44
Great playing Ernie :)
+1 July 23 2016 17:28:20 Keiton Ernie440
Thanks bud! :)
July 22 2016 21:26:07
Man Ernie, you very busy, in the best way we can do !! Super tune, excellent work ! Agree with BH, cool Flower Power hippie track !! :)
+1 July 22 2016 23:02:23 frankyguitar Ernie440
Thanks Franky, couldn't help myself with this, must be my age! Reminded me of bygone times. :)
July 22 2016 20:46:27
Flower power groove right out of Woodstock. Like the way you drove through the track from 1:25 to 02:05 with the bass groove Needs some female vocals and just a light touch of lead guitar
+2 July 22 2016 23:03:18 BossHen Ernie440
I know it's retro isn't it .. that's what attracted me to this track. Yes definitely could use some vocals .. (female, good idea) and guitar!
July 22 2016 20:01:26
Man that was killer. I have plans to add to this. Honestly this is how I imagined it to sound with bass. Thanks Big Ern :)
+2 July 22 2016 20:06:56 PeterVeillon Ernie440
Cool man!! Glad you like Peter ... cool you know my occasional nickname .. U must be a bit psychic. :) haha
July 22 2016 21:36:20 PeterVeillon PeterVeillon
It's naturalistic although I don't know many Ernies:)
July 22 2016 19:16:08
spaceship orion (Googel):):)
+1 July 22 2016 20:03:51 Pewi Ernie440
well!! haha ... Peter my friend I can't find the connection to this when I google it ... I had fun looking ... ozark mountain daredevils?? No!! lol
July 22 2016 20:11:04 Pewi GemmyF
Think Pewi meant a futuristic sound yet a 60's futuristic sound. Groovy Baby. Austin Powers all the way!
July 22 2016 20:14:45 Pewi Ernie440
hmmm, that makes sense Jim .. Austin Powers, lol .. that crazy Canadian's creation. You're right though, this does have a retro feel to it, big time.
July 22 2016 20:22:05 Pewi GemmyF
It needs those totally crazy Along Came Mary style of vocals on it!
You know where 4 guys are singing at once in harmony
July 22 2016 20:24:24 Pewi GemmyF
The Association
July 22 2016 20:29:20 Pewi GemmyF
Goggled 'em and they are Californians though
July 24 2016 14:56:35 Pewi Ernie440
Ok I can hear that with the German sci fi show haha... looks like a fun show too!!
July 22 2016 18:55:47
Groovy and Fabulous....there is no words for your play left except.......the old stand by Pounding, well maybe thumping!
+1 July 22 2016 20:07:26 GemmyF Ernie440
Thanks Jim, thumping and pounding, that's me!! :) haha
July 22 2016 23:17:05 GemmyF Pewi
hi men, this sound reminds me to a German science fiction movie serie1966

July 22 2016 23:37:04 GemmyF GemmyF
Hey Ernie was I right or What! This is soooo cool! I love making and getting comments on this one cause I get to hear it again. Feel free to comment away men.
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