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If I had a whole lot of money

If I had a whole lot of money
I'd buy myself a great big set of ears
cause all the really great singers they've got really big ears
Take for example that Reba McIntrye or Poparatti for that matter
they've got a big sets of ears so they can hear real good they sing

If I had a whole lot of money
I'd by buy myself a great big pair of nostrils
so i could breathe and breathe when I run and never get tired or be deprived of oxygen
cause when you run you need all the air you can get yes you do
So I'd buy myself a great big pair and breathe

If I had a lot of money
I get myself on a stretch machine
so i could play in the NBA
I'd take a shot right over D Wade in a fade or a dunk
I'd take hard right over 'lil Bron James and say who's the King Now Lebraun
If had a whole lot of money..........


June 13 2017 09:54:14
Super tune Jim, very cool !!
We have some stretch machines in a lot of old torture houses in Germany. But I recommend be careful with :D

+1 June 13 2017 16:12:42 frankyguitar GemmyF
:oyeah well I was looking for a newer technological advances in stretching---Money is no object!:|:@
June 13 2017 16:15:31 frankyguitar frankyguitar
December 12 2016 13:31:02
Very cool tune Jim !! Thanks for sharing my friend !!

December 12 2016 01:16:25
A stretch machine?
You told me you were 6'10"...how tall do you want to be???:|

+0 December 12 2016 01:20:00 mortheol GemmyF
You know my tying skills aren't quite up to snuff.
If I said 6'10" I menant 4' 8"
December 12 2016 01:23:23 mortheol mortheol
December 12 2016 01:26:01 mortheol GemmyF
Will you send some ear transplant photos too!
December 12 2016 01:37:47 mortheol GemmyF
Thanks I pass on both!
You make a horrible receptionist at a plastic surgeons office
July 26 2016 22:25:42
hey Gemmy :) you are a great artist

July 26 2016 06:42:29
you got style, man

July 26 2016 05:57:09
Very cool GF...very

July 26 2016 05:25:19
francisco alfrancisco al
legal bom trabalho Gemmyf

July 26 2016 03:06:27
Lol, cool Gemmy :)

July 26 2016 02:31:13
lol... cracking me up :)
+1 July 26 2016 02:34:04 Psycho GemmyF
'Twas my aim.
July 26 2016 02:36:00 Psycho Psycho
Success :D
July 26 2016 02:36:44 Psycho GemmyF
I listened to some M. Ward this morning. I couldn't help but make something like him. Not on purpose of course.
July 26 2016 02:38:04 Psycho Psycho
Well you have some great influences for sure!
July 26 2016 02:40:56 Psycho GemmyF
He's a really great album called Transistor Radio. The sound is cool on it--sounds kind of like you've gone in a time warp to the 30's yet the music is real modern too
July 26 2016 02:07:27
perfect ;D
+1 July 26 2016 02:08:55 AKchen GemmyF
Thanks Andrea!
July 26 2016 02:13:16 AKchen AKchen
I´m a big Talking Heads & Bowie fan btw. ;)
July 26 2016 02:20:44 AKchen GemmyF
Bowie could do anything with his voice, and David Bryne was crazy smart
July 26 2016 02:28:05 AKchen GemmyF
I really liked Mink DeVille(Willie DeVille) The Psychedelic Furs, XTC, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, 10CC--all those guys and band really have great singers. Female singer for me was Romeo Void--plus her Band--The Warm in Your Coat Album was really awesome. They came out a little later than Lene Lovich and B52s(which I loved their whole thing. Lots of great people!

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