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Need a bass, and 2 guitars... maybe a singer i don't know...
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Power Metal


Ugh, can't wait til I get my amplifier back. Gonna play with this beat too.+1
July 29 2016 15:14:06
SamHansen Waiting for you then :) +0
fantastic :)+1
yeeehaaaa! awesome Sam! dwnloaded+1
are you playing this on e-drum, or is this programmed if I may ask?+0
July 27 2016 12:18:18
SamHansen Lot of people ask me this, and no, it's a real drum set, I've written it down in my profile. It's just a matter of recording each sound and mixing well. After 2 years spent in learning how to mix this is the result +0
July 27 2016 12:39:47
Dick i really need to check out that bassdrum thing you are using, I must admit I didn't know there was something analog out there sounding like that :)
these foot triples are totally insane man, respect for that and the solid-timed double-bass-playing which is so rare to find :)
July 27 2016 18:33:51
SamHansen Totally agree with you, it took me like 3 years to build this drum set! +0
December 07 2016 05:05:40
DrStrgeglv I was driving (part of my "job") most of the day, and actually took time to contemplate how difficult (impossible) it is to pull this kind of sound from a real drum kit. Had time to do a full (imaginary) PROfile on you as a musician, and came to the conclusion that your equipment is real, but you must be a messenger from a distant, better world where craftsmanship and brilliance still reign.
"Take me to your leader!"- Sam Hansen
Very cool+0
Killer track!!+0
Best of the Best of the best of all time!+0

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