Something in her eyes

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Time to dust my keys and practice a lil after a few months. Missed you all lately, loopers :). So many tracks to catch up with...:o


August 31 2016 18:22:30
PJEPJE So beautiful...... Marc:)

August 04 2016 11:29:49
VollmersVollmers Lieber Marc - gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Einfach Super. Bis bald!

July 29 2016 15:58:00
Guitar75Guitar75 It just wasn't the same without your keys
+1 July 29 2016 16:15:35 Guitar75Liesching
Thanks a lot G! Happy to be back. :)
July 28 2016 23:17:49
bleymehlbleymehl Ein wunderschönes Stück! Schön, wieder was von Dir zu hören. 👍😀
+1 July 29 2016 16:13:09 bleymehlLiesching
Danke lieber Jörg. Hab die Klausurenstapel einfach mal ignoriert und mich an die Tasten gesetzt. :) Wünsch Euch einen schönen Sommer!
July 28 2016 17:50:28
nuno1959nuno1959 So good to hear from you again but.. only 3.38 of wonderfulness !?
No, no, no siree… i need AT LEAST 15 more minutes of bliss to rekindle back to where you ''left'' !! :D :D
Joke aside, simply BEAUTIFUL - as always, what a thrill Marc !

+1 July 29 2016 16:11:09 nuno1959Liesching
Hey nuno! 7 more minutes are in store for the weekend! Hope for your bass then... :) btw Need to listen to the unique nuno style soon... Have a great weekend my friend.
July 29 2016 16:58:00 nuno1959nuno1959
ONLY 7 more minutes ? OK, you drive a hard bargain but… you're forgiven !! But only this once… :D
A great week-end to you too Marc !! ;)
July 28 2016 02:23:25
MarianneMarianne Well, well...YOU were missing for too long, Marc! But here you are once more and with another wondrous play that is so unique to you, and always, always a unique pleasure to enjoy! So pleased you are back safe and sound! :)
+1 July 28 2016 10:38:45 MarianneLiesching
Thank you very much, dear Marianne. Hope you´re well and safe too! :)
July 27 2016 17:36:42
akethesnakerakethesnaker WOW! Practice? Some they have it... Master! Congrats!
+1 July 28 2016 10:34:01 akethesnakerLiesching
Thanks, Ake! Yes, composed this a long time ago, just needed to play and get familiar with different piano sounds again. Not too pleased with this one here. But hey, better get started again at the loops than playin just for my own :)
July 27 2016 13:30:29
ROBJOLROBJOL Beautiful. Made me go inside...
+1 July 28 2016 10:37:33 ROBJOLLiesching
Thanks Rob. A pleasure to know this piece touched you somehow. :)
July 27 2016 05:17:19
AKchenAKchen missed that wonderful tunes from you ;D
+1 July 28 2016 10:35:52 AKchenLiesching
Thanks so much, Andrea! :) Freut mich :)
July 27 2016 01:00:07
WadeWade What a treat to hear a new piece from you. I've been starved here waiting. Such a seemingly simple piece yet filled with these complex chords and unusual changes that flow effortlessly and resonate with our souls.
+1 July 28 2016 10:35:33 WadeLiesching
Thank you very much Wade, glad to be back here with some piano tries. Need to catch up with your latest. Hugs my friend.

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