Texas Funkiness with some bass

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played on borrowed Fender Acoustic Bass
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Talking Heads, Texas Funk, Cajun


Lenny Cowler
good track:)+1
horns are cool, great music you´re doing :)+1
Hey Jim ,nice bass sound and playing,this track is really building:);)+1
The bass glue guitars together
Well planed ;)
July 29 2016 04:57:29
Leftdaloops1019 Chris,I didn't have a thought of the bass line but somewhat knew what it's function would be. In just the guitar state i hear that already,Or at least I trust it can be done, but to some it's like crazy guitars because it's not standard and a a bass player one might say forget that one--If I had a drummer who could lay a non standard drum to start the session off with that would not be vanilla drums but drums that would pull out all the rhythms and leave open space then it could really be tight I could actually feed off of them. The band I was in that was pretty good but could do not this kind of thing with me, which I couldn't really describe it and we only had one guitar player. A creative drummer that doesn't over play is needed and my drummer was a good time clock but didn't view his instrument like it had a "melody" or he could sing a song with them. I could see a super lead player on this that didn't play long passages but short twangy burst of excellence in the fray. Stuff like you and Kenny do yet shorter at times-- "beat" in nature yet is a full display of beauty and mastery but not long solos! I really like Dave Gregory with XTC he would play some excellent thing while the other guys would be doing odd timing on their instruments. Then He'd back off Chorus out and then hit another spot. +1
That's so cool+0
ahh .. an acoustic .. had to look .. I like the tone of this bass track, like a buzz bomb bass ! ... I have a Michael Kelly acoustic fretless .. haven't tried it on anything yet though...+0
July 29 2016 18:51:31
Leftdaloops1019 Stereo Chorus Bass amp setting. Smooths it out a little +1
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