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Love this, but unsure of my add. Normally wouldn't post but can't quite figure out what's wrong. Would really appreciate your input and critical comments. Something's just not right. (Not just fishing for compliments).


I try to hear what is wrong, maybe the swing vs slap beat :) 01:00 (cool)
I like it
Obviously I find this very cool Wade, we could see the guitar player get nervous because no sound from his amp while the keyboadist stills with the girl at the Bar:
SPACE for YOU, Showtime
July 30 2016 00:58:19
Wade Thanks Tof, I think you nailed it. Not quite the same rhythmic accent. Yea, another instrument would smooth it out, but would have been better if I'd paid more attention to the rhythm. Single take in anticipation of the big jam. +1
July 30 2016 01:01:41
Tofzegrit I hope I will have some sound from the amp, if not I prefer to be the keyboardist :D +1
July 30 2016 01:04:05
Wade Help! please cover my bare ass and save me from further em-bare-ass-ment. +0
To be honest, i like it a lot ! If anything it would benefit from
having maybe a guitar in there or some keys ? Not that it's lacking but it would ''round it up'' so to speak !?
Other than that, i find it ace !!
August 07 2016 12:11:13
Wade Thanks Nuno. Sorry it took so long to get back. No phone or internet for over a week. As you'd know my favorite instrument to play with/against is bass. Didn't quite get this to where I wanted it rhythmically. See you soon! +1
August 09 2016 02:35:32
nuno1959 REAL soon !!! :D +0
In truth, I think it's inspired both tonally and creatively. It's genuinely a fantastic add. But I totally understand your misgivings. You're hearing your add out of context - i.e. before the track's 'complete'. I suffer this when I add to, say, a single instrument and can't hear it 'working'. When others add, it will makes sense. You're too 'isolated' as it stands and, as a consequence, you feel it's over-the-top or just not 'right'. Give it time for others to bed in around it.

I do think it'll be a challenge for a guitar or keys to add to this and not clash but a good guitar or keys add will have it make complete sense. This is nothing short of the impeccable quality and approach I hear in all your adds.

Love it.
July 30 2016 06:41:33
Tofzegrit And what about your solid groove !!! +1
August 07 2016 12:12:36
Wade Been without phone and internet. Thanks Tof. Let's see if I can play OK in a few weeks? Cheers. +0
August 07 2016 12:14:39
Wade Too kind, but I hear you...others can/will cover and it'll become a lost meatball in the gumbo. Sorry it's taken so long to get back. No phone or internet for over a week. +0
works for me Wade..it's different and unusual to have a sax add so early on a track like this..but I think it's cool ! nice work from Tof too :)+2
August 07 2016 12:26:25
Wade Thanks Shi. I don't really have an excuse other than not quite making the funk rhythm work. I'm very used to playing with just bass, and it's one of my favorite things to do. I should be practiced at it. Yes others can cover my ass and make it less "bare". So good to hear from you and sorry it took so long to answer. Internet and phone were fried for over a week. Ah, the joys of living the rural lifestyle in a third world country! +0
I think it sounds great, but maybe the lack of another instrument makes it seem dry, and lacking a foundation. Keys on here would really enhance it.+1
July 30 2016 01:03:05
Wade Undoubtedly anyone/anything that was in there would help smooth out my lapse of rhythmic sense. (there cold be a hint in that). +1
Sounds good wade+1
July 30 2016 01:00:58
Wade Thanks Frank... I think I could have done better, but glad you like. +0
Heh, heh! well, in my honest opinion, I have heard three times and I think that you are completely inside the loop, fantastic Wade, a small hesitation? other great walk next to Tofz :)+1
July 30 2016 01:01:51
Wade Well, you could make it a lot better by joining in and covering my rhythmic problem. +2
July 30 2016 01:11:45
ivax :) +0
What in the world am I listening to, just my first response. I hear this sound and attempt to discern if Tof was doing some funky thing on his guitar, then it morphs into a sax and funky slappin' bass. Dial code rEd, I think I'm tripping! Getting the Funk out of here!(Right after I download it)+1
August 07 2016 12:16:47
Wade Hey GemmyF. Yea, I've got one of those guitarist boxes and can morph the sound a bit. Lots of other tracks some much more tweaked than this one. Wish it would fix my timing. Cheers my man. +1
Thinkin' outside the box. What's not to like about that? :) Who says anything is wrong besides you?+1
August 07 2016 12:18:19
Wade I don't I've ever been in the box. Different is easy..good is a bit more difficult. Cheers Mark. +1
Wade, I love your sense of phrasing and as almost you humanize the sound of your sax . The weak point ? Perhaps the rhythmic aspect which requires the funk and slap bass. The correct research of an expressive phrasing perhaps here is to the detriment of the rhythm. But personally I love too your expressive capacity and it's so great here too.+1
August 07 2016 12:20:38
Wade Yes, didn't quite make the rhythm work. Will be with Tof and mpointon in a few weeks and let them beat it into my brain...got to get the funk better or get the funk out! Cheers Stef. +1

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