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Love this, but unsure of my add. Normally wouldn't post but can't quite figure out what's wrong. Would really appreciate your input and critical comments. Something's just not right. (Not just fishing for compliments).


Ok this might sound weird but do you close your eyes when you play. For me music can be like a kiss. So much better if you close your eyes and go for it. I haven't heard you play anything that wasn't great. My input is that as good as it is ...that your eyes are open and your holding back a bit. Hope you don't take that the wrong way my friend as I very much enjoy all you do. This is a download for me and I promise I'll close my eyes. lol+1
May 29 2017 23:31:15
Wade You're right. For most of the adds I'm doing here I've got my eyes open. As a jammer I don't listen to the tracks much before hitting record and often not at all. I may need to redo the first part as a result. I need all the clues I can get by watching the computer screen to see what's coming. When I'm playing on my own it's either eyes shut or stare at something and not really be looking at anything (into the bozone). For some years I played with a guitarist who was very creative, but also very unpredictable, so had to watch his hands continually. I seldom play with eyes closed when playing with others (live) as that's usually a session where it's all improvisation so need to follow either keys, guitar, bass...it's NEVER them following me. The trials and tribulations of a “one note at a time” instrument that's a rushing towards oblivion as a jazz cliché. +0
Really good job Wade. Faaantaaastic !!!! :)+1
October 23 2016 23:38:51
Wade Thanks pniveiro. I really like to play in this sort of groove, but need to practice the bounce/feel a bit more. +0
thats real cool stuff, I like it very much !!!+1
October 19 2016 02:34:03
Wade Cheers man. Just another one of my experiments with modifying the sax sound. Great track from Tof that I almost got right. Need a little more funk practice! +0
Great sax and bass ! i love it !!
Bravo U2
October 18 2016 00:14:05
Wade Thanks Phenol. I love playing with just bass...so open to all sorts of possibilities. I didn't quite get the funk feel right, but...oh well. +1
francisco al
bom trabalho Wade+1
September 26 2016 05:11:56
francisco al
Wade Muito obrigado Francesco. Suas maravilhosas palavras me inspiram. +0
terrific study in contrast!
1:09 to 2:10: a pure solid hit of Chris' template's sound: spunky, strutting pokes and stabs. thoughtful of you to let him shine solo. and you sweep and soar and fall and curve around and through him with amazing smoothness to complement his punch. :53 - :58 ………! 2:10 i like the way you worked your way downward then back up. swell sense of falling during that section with delicious endings to your phrases. the way your notes swell out and come back - from the intro on - rivets my ear. now what's this about something wrong? not from where i'm listening.
i'm so glad i heard it. i LOVE it.
September 26 2016 00:16:09
Wade Wow, my hat doesn't fit. The trouble I had was not getting the "funk" feel quite right. I'm syncopating against a funk beat. Sort of OK, but not quite right. Glad you hear the lines and like the style of playing, which is very much a singing style. +0
i'm trying to comment, but there's no place to park...+1
September 24 2016 07:08:19
Wade Ha! reminds me of: What's your sign?..."no parking" +0
just great and creative sound! somehow cheeky, funny and unreal. But typical Wade.+1
August 11 2016 07:33:36
Wade Too kind. Let's see what we can cook up at the big jam. See you soon! +0
High time to listen to your latest! Always a treat, Wade!+1
August 08 2016 22:30:54
Wade So good to have you check out my humble offerings. Didn't quite make the rhythm work, but I guess it can be chocked up to "practice". It was more important for me to get feedback as I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. Will hopefully have the opportunity at the jam to get some pointers about how to do it right.

A surprise guest appearance from you possible?
August 09 2016 10:23:56
Liesching How surprising could it be after your question? :) But yes. It´s possible, my friend. You know how challenging it is for me to jump on such a fast funky train. But I´ll sure give it a try after holidays. Since then I´ll dig deeper in the wade sax jewels chest.:) +1
August 09 2016 22:12:16
Wade I'd be very happy to meet you even if it's not a surprise. Watch out if lurking in my past offerings. There are some critters in there that shouldn't be allowed out. +1
works for me Wade..it's different and unusual to have a sax add so early on a track like this..but I think it's cool ! nice work from Tof too :)+2
August 07 2016 12:26:25
Wade Thanks Shi. I don't really have an excuse other than not quite making the funk rhythm work. I'm very used to playing with just bass, and it's one of my favorite things to do. I should be practiced at it. Yes others can cover my ass and make it less "bare". So good to hear from you and sorry it took so long to answer. Internet and phone were fried for over a week. Ah, the joys of living the rural lifestyle in a third world country! +0

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