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Could not sleep last night, again. So I had to do this.

Collapsing Sky is divided in two parts.
Part one: The inner Chaos
Part two: Weariness & Melancholy

Well, will try to sleep again.........


August 03 2016 21:09:35
craziful niccce
+1 August 04 2016 05:44:22 chrisbass frankyguitar
Thank you very much Chris! :) Insomnia is crazy !
August 02 2016 21:30:04
such a contrast here sounds like it should be in a huge stage show with interpretive choreography :)
+1 August 02 2016 21:47:19 Shi frankyguitar
Hello Shi, what a nice surprise. Yes, it could be the music part of an art performance or maybe modern dance. Thank you very very much for this very thoughtful comment :)
You was a longer time absent, I think much work. I'm very pleased you are here again and look forward to new music from you :)
August 02 2016 01:59:58
Good thing I listen to the 2nd half or I wouldn't be able to sleep.
Well done!

+1 August 02 2016 13:42:44 garymcmill frankyguitar
Hey Gary, thank you very much! :)
It's always good to listen the whole track. Sometimes I really surprised how a track changed the mood, here in the loops. Thanx for listen and comment my friend.
August 02 2016 01:43:43
Well this is a trip franky !! Well done !!
+1 August 02 2016 13:39:18 WHITEPONGO frankyguitar
Thanx Chris! :) Yes, a trip deep inside in a torn soul.....
August 01 2016 22:09:53
You can't what you will do is plug in your electric guitar and wake everyone else up :D I love it :D
I like the idea of two parts to a hell and then heaven...and sleeeeeeep :)

+1 August 01 2016 23:24:15 Stella frankyguitar
Thanx Stella !! Only play with phones !! Otherwise my wife will lost me and I'm to tired for searching a new one LOL :D
August 01 2016 23:32:24 Stella Stella
August 01 2016 18:27:07
Major 3rdMajor 3rd
awesome franky!!! yes! love the wild ride right into a peaceful zone...;o)
+1 August 01 2016 19:41:50 Major 3rd frankyguitar
Thank you very much Major! :) I played only what I felt last night !!
August 01 2016 18:26:00
Awesome!!!my friend :)Fantastic Franky
+1 August 01 2016 19:39:21 ivax frankyguitar
Hey Xavi, thanx very much my friend! :) It's hard If you could not right sleep.....
August 01 2016 14:42:37
So alarming in the first part as poetic and deep in the second . A great musical creativity. Very well structured. So good Franky! :)
+2 August 01 2016 19:35:59 Stef frankyguitar
Thank you very much Stef!! :) Yes, I really hate this insomnia ;) After this explosion I had this feeling from some melancholy and sadness! Thanx very much Stef for your listen and comment! :)
August 01 2016 14:30:13
Thank very much Ron ! :)
I hope it will better with the sleep! But at the time, too much thoughts at the work..... :@

August 01 2016 14:22:03
Frank...very cool and very emotional!!
I am sending you some positive sleep energy your way:)
Hang in there it will get better.

+1 August 01 2016 19:31:08 mortheol frankyguitar
Hey Ron, I did it again and put my answer in The wrong box! Damn! Thank you very much for your Kind words my friend!!
August 01 2016 19:42:46 mortheol mortheol
It's OK...I know you are sleepy:P
Wishing the best for you!!

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