The Rise and Fall Of Sleep

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Hope you may enjoy :) added the g# ant flute :) to second half, I think the title relates to both franky and I being sleepless :)


. 1:35 ... Perfect capture of the mood.+1
August 01 2016 06:52:17
HiFiFlutes A fairly short napp there :) Thx Danny :) +0
Wow! Interesting how just the title of something has the power to create a certain feeling in a person and causes the mind to believe it already knows what something is all about. I judged the book by its cover on this one. I am glad I chose not to read the description before I pressed play. I was totally taken back and confused. Ok, so I read the description and played the track again. I was pleasantly surprised that my thoughts and my ideas that came just from the title were wrong. It makes sense. Both Franky and you really captured the way it feels when you cant fall asleep then finally do for just that little bit of time before having to get up. I gotta say I understand and feel for you both. Sorry for the long post but had to let you know without reading the description first it was like a little musical THANKS!!!!+1
August 02 2016 18:32:47
HiFiFlutes :) yes I agree, glad you dig it !! +0
Excellent Chris! You really dig my mood here! I see you know this. Thanx my friend. And yes, the Title fits very well. Insomnia is really a curse.........
You are very tired, but the brain is always in work.....
August 02 2016 18:25:19
HiFiFlutes Just woke from being awake, HI :) Glad you enjoyed this play franky . And I really do hope you can turn the rest switch on in that head of yours :) I pray for you :) +1
August 02 2016 19:05:36
frankyguitar Thanx very much my friend :) +0
Nice one Chris:)Super tone contrasts between the two halves of the track, perfect title,sums it all up:);)+0
HiFi, your wonderful flute makes the second part even more fascinating! :)+0
August 02 2016 18:33:50
HiFiFlutes Hi Stef ! Thanks my friend. Yep , this is an interesting concept, Glad you dig it ! +1
August 02 2016 18:34:05
HiFiFlutes :) :) :) +0
fantastic Chris :)+0
August 02 2016 18:34:45
HiFiFlutes Hi Xavi, Thanks my friend. Glad you listened and Very happy you enjoyed this play :) +1

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