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mortheol232 jams Supporter
Remix step #2
United States

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mortheol232 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)


petebass524 jams Supporter
+ 12
Love this track of my buddy Ron,-So I'm trying out a new mic setup,and hope he likes the vocals, I'v tried to stay around the theme of his title,I have'nt perfected the setup so any verbal beer bottle welcome Ha!!


November 21 2016 21:12:20
davidaustindavidaustin awesome add Pete, great voice.:D
+1 November 21 2016 21:38:47 davidaustinpetebass
Thanks loads Dave,appreciate it buddy:);)
August 09 2016 07:44:12
josepssvjosepssv Expression sensible!

+1 August 09 2016 15:58:54 josepssvpetebass
Hi Josep:)Muchas gracias
August 02 2016 14:54:35
PewiPewi especially cool!
+1 August 02 2016 15:18:07 Pewipetebass
Hey Peter,thanks my friend:);)
August 01 2016 20:27:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Oh wow, this is really great Pete!! You wonderful dig the mood with your singing !! I Love this really!!
For us non native speakers is it very helpful If we can listen and read the lyrics. This make it much easier to understand well what you try to say with your vocals. :)

+1 August 01 2016 20:40:34 frankyguitarpetebass
Hey Franky, thanks a lot bro, sorry no lyric posted, I never write nothing down, the words just pop into my head as I'm singing, bit spooky I know, I'l try and write them down for you:);)
August 01 2016 20:51:14 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
LOL, spooky!! This is a great gift Pete and I wish I could this, but I cannot even sing properly !! :D Thanx my friend for the effort !! :)
August 01 2016 20:24:02
ivaxivax very nice singing :) Pete, fantastic song
+1 August 01 2016 20:26:03 ivaxpetebass
Hi Xavi,many thanks my friend,glad you like:);)
August 01 2016 20:19:57
abuitremoremabuitremorem Big surprise Pete. Glad that you have a new Mic, then you sing well even more :)
+1 August 01 2016 20:22:40 abuitremorempetebass
Thanks Rene:) nervous moment singing on somebody else's music:);)
August 01 2016 18:37:29
mortheolmortheol WOW Pete!!!!
I am SO VERY HAPPY to have you sing on a song of mine:D
I love your voice so much and the lyrics are so true and made me really think:)
Friend..You really touched me here:)
No verbal beer bottles here....BUT I will buy you a beer or two..or three someday:D

+1 August 01 2016 19:36:22 mortheolpetebass
Hey Ron, I'm so glad and relieved you like the vocals, and it was my pleasure to sing on your super track,for now we'l have to have a cyber beer Ha!:);)
August 01 2016 17:16:53
GemmyFGemmyF It's here! The Mic! Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Yes Sir! that is what I'M TALKING ABOUT PETE! BEAUTIFUL! you're supposed to make me laugh not cry.
+2 August 01 2016 17:26:31 GemmyFpetebass
Hey Jim thanks loads buddy,sorry about the tears Ha!! I'v got to learn to sing with headphones on -totally alien :);)
August 01 2016 17:33:22 GemmyFGemmyF
You can hear so much better with the phones on I think(course I don't have a whole lot of money or big ears) You can get whisper close and belt it out from farther away. Just listening like in any music creation is the key. Also, redoing parts is helpful. I think alot of folks just jam a "clean"--maybe not so clean track and that's it. With singing I spend alot of time afterwards with faders-volume and pan controls to cause the voice to become one with the music--or at points stand above the music.
August 01 2016 19:38:42 GemmyFpetebass
Thanks Jim for the info, I'l have to experiment with my settings, cheers buddy:);)
August 01 2016 17:01:35
pniveiropniveiro Very very good job!! Nice song
+2 August 01 2016 17:11:27 pniveiropetebass
Hey Pnivero:) thanks a lot bro so glad you like it:);)
August 01 2016 16:59:44
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes I like happy and free life very much Pete.. That's what I think too :) VERY cool track and song ):
+2 August 01 2016 17:15:22 HiFiFlutespetebass
Thanks loads chris,this was my first vocal on somebody else's track,and Ron has been real supportive so did'nt want to ruin his track, and hope he likes it:);)
August 01 2016 18:39:20 HiFiFlutesmortheol
Oh Yeah...Ron Loves It!!!:D
August 01 2016 19:46:09 HiFiFlutespetebass
Big Sigh of relief Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Ha!! cheers buddy:)
August 01 2016 20:30:15 HiFiFlutesfrankyguitar
Really excellent Pete !!

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