Wasnt Ready for Weekend to End

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Stella95 jams
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SJD39 jams Supporter
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Really like the style in this track, truly great work with a fantastic vibe. Bounced some guitar around with little different color for me, but had to try at least, was too cool not too!!


August 03 2016 00:09:53
alexjalexj cool, man :)

August 02 2016 14:31:40
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great add, excellent playing !! Very good sound !! :)

August 02 2016 14:03:37
davetdavet excellent, fab playing, i dont know how you made it fit but it sure does.
+1 August 02 2016 14:16:38 davetSJD
Thank you sir for the note, really appreciate that,!!!!!!!
August 02 2016 13:38:05
DickDick i can imagine this one is a hard one to join for a guitar player, with so much going on already... to be honest, I did enjoy the first "rockish" solo and the tight way you ended to let the synth take over the lead... but around 2:00 i start to feel it is a bit too much - you kinda filled the "verse" parts with three solos if I may say so. They are excellent each one of them, one would have been enough tho ;)
no offense meant, just some open thought since you asked ;)

+1 August 02 2016 14:04:38 DickSJD
Thanks for the words, not offended at all and do appreciate note. I agree could had been trimmed down a bit, I'm awful for being long winded at times, learning tho!,, was a great track never less and lot of fun,, thanks again Dick for the listen and thoughts...
August 02 2016 08:44:49
StellaStella Supercool ;)
+1 August 02 2016 14:13:24 StellaSJD
Thanks a bunch, glad you did this one,, out of my norm but was a lot of fun!!!!
August 02 2016 02:51:31
RickplayerRickplayer sounds good
+1 August 02 2016 03:06:38 RickplayerSJD
Thank you my friend, I do appreciate that!

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