I Got A Foxy Wall Street Lady

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Had Hendrix been fond of Amphetamines...the Foxy Lady solo MIGHT have sounded like this :) Also harmonized Ake's awesome riff! Great track guys!!!


August 07 2016 01:07:20
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super! Love it! I`m rookie on amphetamine so far haha.
+1 August 07 2016 01:12:20 akethesnakerDanalyze45
Hahahah I'm too old for them :)
August 07 2016 01:15:31 akethesnakerakethesnaker
Me too:) Chewing tobacco and coffee lol
August 03 2016 20:32:09
RickplayerRickplayer Great add Dan

August 02 2016 21:16:48
tullicbrtullicbr Great! :)

August 02 2016 14:34:03
cody trippcody tripp Killer

August 02 2016 11:30:40
DrumshticksDrumshticks Big thumb Dan great add.Jam on..G

August 02 2016 08:33:05
arctic8arctic8 This is the first thing I have listened to here and figured out the basic idea of it all works. My connections seems s bit slow but I managed the whole piece. yes indeed, very 70's like one of those jam session tracks they used to toss in an old Eric Clapton album. Very inspiring how you guys built it all up and put it together.

August 02 2016 07:35:58
frenziefrenzie Cool playing! :)

August 02 2016 06:02:43
1969orange1969orange Killer Dan!
+1 August 02 2016 06:04:05 1969orangeDanalyze45
Thanks man...Foxy Lady popped into mind instantly but what a tempo! lolol...I do really like the tone I was able to get on this one for a Jimi thing :)
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