Those we are blind to...

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This song has such a beautiful sorrow that has touched my current emotions and feelings...

I added some additional string harp, bells, and keys (all synth)
I hope it is ok and fits the spirit of this song.

Thank you Carol, Titi, and Pete for this beautiful music!..:)


August 05 2016 07:07:52
aleonzaleonz lovely track Morth!
+1 August 05 2016 13:30:02 aleonzmortheol
Hi Alice..Thank you:)
It's Good to see you.
August 04 2016 14:31:34
piperpiper Very lovely and delicate. :)
+1 August 04 2016 18:16:49 pipermortheol a delicate flower or a baby hummingbird..LOL:P
August 04 2016 18:31:12 piperpiper
Something like that, LOL :)
August 03 2016 23:50:04
Major 3rdMajor 3rd nice! ;O)
+1 August 04 2016 13:29:31 Major 3rdmortheol
Thanks a bunch Major!:)
August 03 2016 21:11:22
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce Good evening Mortheo, is it your new hat that confers to you the status of the best magician playing with the stars all over the way ? ;- Anyway, it is a good and delicate idea, the little twinkle of the metal fork.
+1 August 03 2016 21:56:58 Caroljoycemortheol
Merci beaucoup Carol!:)
It was my pleasure to play with all of you:)
I love your harp playing a lot:D
August 03 2016 20:05:13
abuitremoremabuitremorem very nice Ron :)
+1 August 03 2016 20:58:03 abuitremoremmortheol
Thanks Rene, it is fun to try something different😁
August 03 2016 18:45:55
DickDick I like your additions, but to me the synths sounds are peaking thru the soundscape too harshly... which is quite common with any kind of synth sound, and quite difficult to get rid of. I'd actually play the synth thru a speaker and record that with a mic to get something closer to a "live" sound, maybe try that some time :)
+2 August 03 2016 18:49:58 Dickmortheol
Hey Dick, Thanks so much for the advice and idea. I really value constructive feedback.
I like your advice and never thought of it. Also it was late and I mixed with headphones on and that is always hit or miss.
August 03 2016 16:21:28
PsychoPsycho You are the man when it comes to airing up the jam... well done !!
+1 August 03 2016 18:15:02 Psychomortheol
Hey Bruce..Thanks! Some folks also say I am full of hot air:P
I like the new avatar:)
August 03 2016 12:30:03
petebasspetebass Hey Ron so glad you joined us , super sensitive add,its such a beautiful track, thanks loads buddy:);)
+1 August 03 2016 14:26:28 petebassmortheol
Thanks Pete!:)
I tried to keep it soft and subtle and follow Carol.
This is so nice to chill to:D
August 03 2016 06:55:38
davidaustindavidaustin creative and cool.
+1 August 03 2016 14:23:06 davidaustinmortheol
Hi Dave..Thanks my Friend:)
August 03 2016 06:08:54
AKchenAKchen wonderfully done .... Ron :)
+1 August 03 2016 14:22:44 AKchenmortheol
Ahhh Andrea das ist wirklich sehr nett. Danke:D

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