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don't get mad just make a sandwich

Grabbed The ultra sweet Bassline of JMB65
and Kimbo's guitar sandwich pre bass
with my vocals--with just OliVBee
and made a sandwich.

It' be nice if somebody wanted to hug with some sax especially on the cool Steely Dan sounding chords that OliVbee designed(really go would go good with my vocals and support


August 12 2016 00:25:54
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Super Jim!! :) Great singing :)

August 04 2016 08:41:35
serioussseriouss great !!

August 03 2016 16:09:54
OliVBeeOliVBee still cool :)
+0 August 03 2016 17:55:48 OliVBeeGemmyF
cooler as a sandwich though. Hey I PM'd CarolJoyce about recording(a new member) She's French. Told her she should contact you about your ideas on where to get what she needs. I had sent her an article by a professional on recording harp, and gave her some suggestions, but I just know prices and stores in US. You might have other ideas that would serve her budget. Thanks Oli! for all your great work with your music.
August 03 2016 18:01:11 OliVBeeOliVBee
recording acoustic instruments can be a lil tricky ... though it's such a world of difference in the end !!
August 03 2016 18:06:44 OliVBeeGemmyF
yeah she is using her phone right now. It will be such an improvement for her!
August 03 2016 14:49:39
2underpar2underpar Very nice Jim. Great voice on this. Cheers!
+0 August 03 2016 14:52:33 2underparGemmyF
Bill Thanks! for the listen! Thanks!
August 03 2016 14:10:31
petebasspetebass Hey Jim:) Soooooo good buddy,love your voice on this,:) super track

August 03 2016 07:50:44
pniveiropniveiro Fantastic!!

August 03 2016 06:03:51
josepssvjosepssv Wonderful voice Gemmy!!
+1 August 03 2016 06:04:42 josepssvGemmyF
Thank You Jose!
August 03 2016 04:53:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good:)


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