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What a fantastic acid jazz-infused template from Danny here. Love it. Been desperate to play for days and days now but my shoulders have decided to have a bad week due to last weekend's gig. But today they gave me a little window to do a couple of tunes so I took the chance.

I wanted to achieve a sense of that 'acid jazz cool' with the drums. No idea what it means but I knew in my head what I wanted - a sort of Ronny Jordan kind of sound. Secondly, on listening to the track, there's barely anything playing on the 16th notes meaning there was scope to dictate the feel. I could introduce a 16th note swing which I felt would give a much better acid jazz vibe.

Left the drums with no ambience added so the HD download will sound the same as the main mix - i.e. no reverb. I also rolled off the bottom 150hz or so of Danny's mix so his kick drum didn't clash with mine as much.

Enjoy. I certainly did.


August 08 2016 00:52:25
ivaxivax fantastic Martin :)

August 07 2016 15:37:57
CarpenterCarpenter Well fittin´ - good groovin´ :)

August 07 2016 12:39:19
WadeWade Words for this: Snappy and clean, and super slick.

August 06 2016 21:01:16
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Martin

August 06 2016 16:45:41
GlezBassGlezBass Cool drumming, very groovy Martin

August 06 2016 15:56:50
TofzegritTofzegrit You are a perfect 808 (new Peugeot) :)
I'll be back to music Tuesday.

+1 August 06 2016 19:14:00 Tofzegritmpointon
I look forward to it!! 😊
August 06 2016 15:49:35
GemmyFGemmyF thus becoming the theme song.

August 06 2016 15:48:43
GemmyFGemmyF It'd be nice if you had one branch of this that people added one phenomenal phrase, one after the other, maybe some overlap. Different instruments, different players/approaches---so it would be a perfect idea of what happens here.

August 06 2016 15:45:40
GemmyFGemmyF Maybe the wikiloops theme song!

August 06 2016 15:18:35
DannyKDannyK Great! I was playing with swing samples and they were definitely the right choice. I'm so glad you picked up on it and had fun! I hope you didn't aggravate your shoulder too much. I can hear where my kick and yours were competing - good job of managing that (I'm typing while listening).
+1 August 06 2016 19:13:26 DannyKmpointon
Thanks, Danny! I hoped it would be the right approach. I decided to play the same kick lines as you so they could, in effect, enhance my kick drum. Great template!

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