Two Into Three Makes Four

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The idea for this template has been rattling around my head for a couple of weeks now. In my head it seemed a much better idea than what I've produced. Never mind. Anyway...

The track is initially in 3/4 at 171 BPM. I deliberately chose a tempo around here because it divides by three. It switches to straight 4/4 at effectively 57bpm. Or, more to the point, the 'downbeat' of the 3/4 pattern - the '1' of the 3/4 pattern becomes ...


Very interesting beat and top sound as always!:)+0
Awesome Martin !! Most excellent idea and really great drumming !! :)+0
francisco al
bom trabalho mpointon+1
Just heard Marc playing on this wonderful foundation with his superb keys add - great drum inspiration Martin :)+1
Sweet drum track!+1
This is absolutely the bees knees. Great 6/8feel that incorporates that take five odd 5/4 feel. And then there's the break and the 8 beat feel with an opportunity for a musical knitting together of some classy musical ideas. I'm climbing on the big bird in a few days so won't be able to do anything. Hopefully one of our clever people comes up with some chords to fill this out.+1
August 11 2016 22:17:42
mpointon Cool! Nice bit of sightseeing! Always wanted to see the Scandanavian end of the world.

Yes, the car will be packed with your return in mind, do not worry!
August 11 2016 21:53:14
Wade Yea, first going to Norway to visit my daughter and her family, then Germany. Then hopefully (if you'll still have me) back to England with you. +1
August 11 2016 09:53:50
mpointon Thank you, Wade! It hasn't come out as I had in my mind's ear - the changeover's a bit abrupt - but your feedback and opinion is always welcomed!

Getting on the big bird to start the journey to Europe perchance? Only three weeks now! Can't wait!
Martin! so glad to find this great track from you, it gave a great challenge for the player to jam with this track, hope you'll get many great day so there will be more wonderful track from you, really looking forward to see how this track grow+1
August 11 2016 09:51:59
mpointon Thank you, Alice! :) I hope it isn't too challenging to not attract adds though! +0
Tasty & jazzy drumming...curious how this will develop...+1
Excellent Martin - great sound and lovely fills/switches - masterful :)+1
August 09 2016 13:07:38
mpointon Thank you! Welcome back - not seen you for a while! +1
August 09 2016 13:12:40
PJE cheers Martin its good to hear from you :) +0

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