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I hope you may enjoy this form :) Added plains style native flute, feel free to hack chop it whack it up If you wish. I just filled it up to give more option for remix :) hope someone can mess with it. It was super fun to play anyway :)


August 10 2016 22:15:16
PewiPewi Outstanding played , Respect!
+0 August 12 2016 04:27:55 PewiHiFiFlutes
Thank you Pewi :) Very nice compliment from you. Thank you very much my friend :)
August 09 2016 20:57:58
UloisiusUloisius wonderful ;o)
+0 August 09 2016 21:00:38 UloisiusHiFiFlutes
Hi Ulo... Nice to hear from you always :) Thanks my friend. I am so very happy you enjoy this play. :) Thanks ! I know I am far behind in listening to some of your music. I will make time to catch up :)
August 09 2016 21:04:50 UloisiusUloisius
do not stress yourself ;o)
August 09 2016 21:06:35 UloisiusHiFiFlutes
Never stress, Just hours in a day and oversight :) Your songs reduce stress :)
August 09 2016 19:30:47
PsychoPsycho Enjoyed very much as always your flute sounds so heavenly !!
+0 August 09 2016 20:19:29 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Thanks Psycho. This track was playes whilst under some heavy depressing life stuff. This playing here helps me get out of myself... Glad it came out on the upbeat :) Thanks Again friend !
August 09 2016 14:36:31
aduadu Very sweet remix my friend. I like it a lot and i have to thank you for this nice add. :)
+0 August 09 2016 18:44:50 aduHiFiFlutes
Thanks heaps ! Very kind words greatly appreciated. I'm super pleased that you like this play :) THX !
August 09 2016 10:49:47
RobMRobM Beautiful Chris :)
+0 August 09 2016 18:43:51 RobMHiFiFlutes
Thanks Rob !! always good to hear from you, I'm happy you enjoyed this play my friend :)
August 09 2016 10:36:38
GuadañaGuadaña Sweet cool flute mate!!
+0 August 09 2016 18:43:05 GuadañaHiFiFlutes
Many thanks kind sir :) pleased you like this track and play :0
August 09 2016 09:54:21
rp3drumsrp3drums awesome!
+0 August 09 2016 18:42:21 rp3drumsHiFiFlutes
Thanks so much rp3 :) Glad you dig it my friend :)
August 09 2016 06:39:19
Major 3rdMajor 3rd How do you upload individual tracks? still haven't figured that one out yet? lol
+0 August 09 2016 07:01:28 Major 3rdHiFiFlutes
Well Let's see. First off my mic is placed about 1 inch from flutes soundhole. You notice I have some of the background audio present on my solo uploads, that's cuz I'm a hillbilly without headphones. LOL. Anyway I mix tracks with audacity, export audio, undo mix and render, remove original track, export my single flute track. When you paste your mix into upload box another box just below opens, it is there I paste my single flute track. Not ideal quality, in time I will invest in better equipment in time :) The ratio of flute to original track bleed over is manageable :) for folks to mess with.
August 09 2016 08:12:50 Major 3rdMajor 3rd
oh okay....so the box below the main upload box....thanks!!!! added bass to this...tried..lol
August 09 2016 06:38:29
Major 3rdMajor 3rd nice! ;O)


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