Cops 'n' Robbing (guitar and bass)

Remix step #4 (playing)


GlezBass825 jams Supporter

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Bass line with Cort A5 touch on bridge pickup withouth effect but with a funky pop groove in the wake of hype Martin


August 12 2016 12:58:33
tyros4tyros4 muy bueno

August 11 2016 08:20:03
WadeWade This is one of those track where you wish it was live and you were sitting right in the middle of it. Fantastic rhythms.

August 10 2016 00:00:06
GemmyFGemmyF PLAYLIST to Great JAMS

August 09 2016 23:53:46
pniveiropniveiro Temazo Mario. Another excelent job. Thaaaaanks !!
+1 August 09 2016 23:59:12 pniveiroGlezBass
Temasso amigo, a ver si se anima alguien mas...
August 10 2016 00:04:55 pniveiropniveiro
Sí, tengo q aprender a dejar más emociono con las pistas y fff... Bueno, poco a poco
August 10 2016 00:08:13 pniveiroGlezBass
A todos nos pasa igual, el bajo tiene la ventaja que puedes hacer toda la jam que quieras, pero es cierto nos venimos arriba y no dejamos espacios que esla idea de este je
August 09 2016 23:44:13
GemmyFGemmyF Hot Moeddy Foedy! Awesome!
+1 August 09 2016 23:57:13 GemmyFGemmyF
Mirale tio M, puedes dicer "Hot Moeddy Foedy" cinco veces?
si puedes, tu puedes, es possible, a bailando con la music tambien! Yo puedo! Bialando y dice lo mismo tiempo! jeje
August 09 2016 23:59:24 GemmyFGemmyF
practicing my Spanish, I probably sound like a 4 yr old.
August 10 2016 00:02:20 GemmyFGlezBass
It is understood..., I use my English and helped me the google translator
August 10 2016 00:04:36 GemmyFGemmyF
Google Translator is good but a lot of times it takes the heart out of the meaning of what one is trying to say.
August 09 2016 23:42:33
FrankieJFrankieJ Oh yes!

August 09 2016 23:21:56
ivaxivax si señor !!! :)

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