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don't know why I never listened to this before, no wonder it is the most popular song on this site. I feel the pain, it sent shivers up my spine. I tried to emulate that pain with my guitar screaming in anguish. I guess I come in around the 1.25 mark
hope I did this amazing song justice!!!!


February 06 2017 04:46:14
Great sound GT68. Anne did a great job on the harmonies :)
+0 March 15 2017 04:15:30 Davnel99 goldtop68
thanks, Anne's vocals sends shivers down my spine every time I listened to this track, I was just trying to emulate the pain and despair of her lyrics and singing
August 28 2016 07:53:01
francisco alfrancisco al
muito ótimo
+0 August 31 2016 13:02:57 francisco al goldtop68
thank you
August 12 2016 00:52:43
Wonderful add, very balanced with a nice tone and in the scope of the song! It is fantastic to see how a simple harmonic sequence with the contribution of talented musicians (Anne in primis) can be transformed into a beautiful song.
+0 August 12 2016 03:14:15 Buran70 goldtop68
it is a beautiful song, with a great build up, Anne's vocals and lyrics were outstanding. It took great restraint for me to let the song build before I let 'er rip. I was trying to convey the same feelings as the lyrics. thanks for a great template
August 11 2016 11:51:07
You found the way to get into this song in a very sweet way, and that color from your guitar just make this beautiful song become more delicious
+1 August 11 2016 13:51:23 aleonz goldtop68
thank you Al, for the kind words
August 11 2016 02:14:01
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalgo
+0 August 11 2016 02:16:34 francisco al goldtop68
many thanks
August 10 2016 16:58:51
Oh YES, Jeff!
loved the way your little lick starting at 1:24 tantalized and promised more good things to come. AND GOOD THINGS COME!
wonderfully delicious sweeps, and dynamite dynamics. 3:11 - i imagine you reaching out and up for something, and falling in defeat over and over -
perfect kinda pain. 3:42 - sure, just kill me now with that stabbing, searing solo. totally loved that last hint of you at end. you've got the best ego for collaborations, Jeff - it's all about the song. and i am gobsmacked to learn this song is where it is in the ranks. THANK YOU!!

+1 August 10 2016 19:56:35 AnneCozean goldtop68
Anne, thank you for the supreme compliment, because it is all about the song, and this is a great song Glad you caught the last note fading out like all hope fading out, pretty subtle by my standards
August 10 2016 12:55:47
Very nice GT! I love this song!
+0 August 10 2016 13:06:22 TeeGee goldtop68
thanks TGS
August 10 2016 05:56:04
Ian Moss eat your heart out !! Great add GT :)
+0 August 10 2016 06:01:48 RobM goldtop68
thanks Rob :)
I will admit I had to look up who Ian Moss is. I will give Cold Chisel a listen tomorrow as it's off to bed with me now

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