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gwailoah100 jams Supporter
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Might get in trouble with this one... but seriously, GOP - as the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and... okay, Nixon, you want THIS guy as next leader of the Free World? Excellent jungle and tribal feel on the jam, I added flange on the guitar to create space for the vocal but I think it and the keyboards got a bit lost in the mix.


August 15 2016 14:58:34
Killary is a better lider for the Free World? lol.. And let me ask - What you mean when you say Free World?? USA?? OMG, Brian((
But nice song here :)

+1 August 17 2016 09:03:34 SlonMusic SlonMusic
...they killed the legitimate leaders of Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and they want to kill the Syrian pr. Assad, they made chaos in Yemen, Afghanistan, in the Middle East, the terrorist attacks in Europe, Asia, Africa, the civil war in Ukraine - that's what a bloody "free world" really did.
Brian, do you believe that two aircraft caused the fall of the Twin Towers and the building number 7 in the New York?
I'll tell you a little secret, - DT or Hils - is no different)
August 16 2016 11:23:17 SlonMusic gwailoah
Steve! Where you been? I'd vote for Hils just to see Bubba Bill back in the White House. DT is clearly not mentally fit for any office. Maybe he should clean one sometime, see how we in the Free World really live :D Good to hear from you!
August 11 2016 11:44:16
great to the point lyrics, cool vibe from your singin Brian!
+1 August 11 2016 13:37:33 aleonz gwailoah
Cheers Alice! 😄😄
August 10 2016 13:34:17
Your safe Wiki should be an open forum with all opinions heard.Did not say Trump doesn't love to to promote himself. As I tell my best buddy who voted for Hillary .Hillary we know about Trump is a Gamble. Good work on the lyrics and singing mon.G
+1 August 11 2016 05:57:14 Drumshticks gwailoah
Thank you G, DT getting more deranged by the day. Have to balance by doing something for the Clints. Interesting times. Cheers, B
August 10 2016 12:11:00
Dump the Trump! thats a great chant..... love it!
+1 August 11 2016 05:53:04 rp3drums gwailoah
Cheers Raymond, the man is more than potty - he is deranged!
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