Straight Line

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Another lo-fi track, bit trippy,hope you like


great track :)+1
August 21 2016 02:26:00
petebass cheers PJ:);) +0
Oh, I like trippy... not a bad folk jam Pete... diggin it :)+1
August 11 2016 12:17:13
petebass Hey Psy,cheers buddy:);) +0
Had to listen to this a couple of times to make sure I wasn't having a flash back.
Love it!
August 11 2016 02:51:10
garymcmill It's all good......... +1
August 11 2016 02:35:04
petebass Hey gary,cheers buddy ,hope they were good flash backs:);) +0
WOW !!
I need this what you had :D
Very cool Pete !! :)
August 11 2016 12:19:46
petebass Life's Too short to waste it sleeping HA!!:);) +1
August 11 2016 02:38:13
frankyguitar Do you can also not sleep?
Yes, man it's very cool ! :)
August 11 2016 02:36:23
petebass Hey Franky:) Ha!! nice one, gad you like:) +1
francisco al
muito legal. bom trabalho petebass+0
August 11 2016 01:13:55
francisco al
petebass Ola Francisco:) gra├žas meu amigo +0
Trippy is good. I like your lo-fi series!!+2
August 11 2016 01:15:18
petebass Hey Ron:)needs your trippy Drums:);) +0
August 11 2016 01:22:08
petebass Yeah the beat is a bit erratic, putting it mildly Ha!! +1
August 11 2016 01:18:05
Bothen I honestly tried, you may have out trippied me. ;) +1
TRIPPY .. Yes it is :) Very cool track Pete. It will be interesting to see where it leads. I see it's been downloaded already :)+1
August 11 2016 00:06:18
petebass Hey Chris.thanks buddy,just a bit of fun, I'l have to start doing some happy lyrics:);) +1
Trippy is a word my 19 year old says - didn't know what it meant (How cool are you Pete?!!!)+1
August 11 2016 00:09:14
Anon518 I knew Pete was a 60's love child!!! :D +2
August 11 2016 00:10:13
petebass :);):) +0
August 11 2016 00:05:16
Anon518 I've just googled the definition....tut tut guys!!! +2
August 11 2016 00:00:45
GemmyF Come on Stella, get with the program. Just so's ya know--this song could be a definition of trippy. Or this one might work #79694 +1
August 10 2016 23:57:46
petebass Hey Stel:)T thought it meant " trippy fally over" Ha!!:);) +1
blurgerdooglemnainsetemnstuughing blowmnb.
OK better I turned off that reverse tape delay loop. ooglemnainsetemnstuughing blowmnb.
Ooops I turned it back on.... Stupid stupid feet!, So Pete, Fictional song I presume? tuughing Fwjqgi skdlhyi hdk, Oh heck! Great Play!
August 11 2016 00:25:58
GemmyF Hey Pete, When I first saw your title, I though I was going to have to fly or swim over to Swindon and kick some butt(you do room with Colin Molding don't you?)! Cause I used to work for a place called Straight Line Silk Screen. I wrote a blues ditty about it--thought you had stole it. These guys(the owner were so far from straight line I don't even think their H or Cola lines were straight. They were really nice guys when they were in a blizzard. Now that was an interesting place. The artist who was working there was a really straight lace super rich gal who had no idea of such an underbelly. She was going to marry the hotdog king but had a thing for me. What hell to be torn between the hotdog king(he Owned James Coney Island Hot Dogs(national chain)) and me, I had just come back from Puerto Rico from dropping out of society for 5 months a to ride the wild wild surf.--Needless to say, that didn't work out, she went for the dog man. Whew!!!! +1
August 11 2016 00:01:45
GemmyF Bubba I wouldn't know. Don't like to lick boots! +1
August 11 2016 00:00:12
petebass Sounds like it was a real fun place:);):) +0
August 10 2016 23:56:45
GemmyF They are coming to tak....... I knew this guys the first yearn in University, and they were Fraternity guys, and they said when they pledged(some torture thing to prove that you'll lick just about anybody's boots) they locked them in a "game room , no light, but a cranked up sound system, playing the above mentioned the funny farm....for 12 hrs straight. I think they were all a little crossed eyed after that. +2
August 10 2016 23:50:58
petebass Hey Jim:)yeah buddy total fiction,I'm as sane as you- Oh crap!!!!:);) +1

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