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Yup, that title is to get your attention, and it is actually a real supplement. Maybe I'll try some :)>

This is another wild ride on the goat =)

It could sure use some help!


August 12 2016 00:00:34
bhunt1bhunt1 awesome
+1 August 12 2016 00:23:46 bhunt1Psycho
Thanks bh... it's a bit repetitious (I have more that goes with it), but to do a complete song would probably be too much. And just maybe I'll try a complete song here one day :)
August 11 2016 14:50:11
piperpiper Only you would think of a title like that..Hehe ;)
+1 August 12 2016 00:20:25 piperPsycho
Google it pipes... it's real, I saw it on TV. I about fell off my chair when I saw it. Thanks for giving me a hard time again... lol :)
August 12 2016 01:20:43 piperpiper
My pleasure, LOL ;)
August 11 2016 14:03:10
RobMRobM In your element here B :) Sounds great !!
+1 August 12 2016 00:18:39 RobMPsycho
Yes, indeed it is my element. I try other things, but this is what I used to do a lot of :) Thanks Rob !!
August 11 2016 10:39:59
aleonzaleonz that title really caught the eye Big Psy :D
listening to your great rockin track , somehow took me to the time when I was in my rock band years a go..a great wild crazy moment

+1 August 12 2016 00:16:38 aleonzPsycho
You should sing more rock... that would be cool. Spice this place up a bit :) Thank you Big Al !!
August 11 2016 07:06:11
gwailoahgwailoah Great rocker! Be good to see who picks up on the drumless version.

August 11 2016 04:12:48
cody trippcody tripp Rockin' !!!
+1 August 11 2016 04:48:42 cody trippPsycho
Thanks cody... got a million of 'em :) Never went to school, but snuck back home and played for hours like this everyday. That was years ago with a lot of long breaks in between, but this rock thing has always stuck with me :)
August 11 2016 05:47:23 cody trippAKchen
hahaha, like me ... but not making music, but hearing and singing in the living room, while the others were working and in school ;) great track :)
August 11 2016 04:10:21
jamladyjamlady powerful template!
+1 August 11 2016 04:45:54 jamladyPsycho
Thanks, yes, this is (as I always say) the real me. Everything else is a product of a lot of help from you guys :)
August 11 2016 04:09:04
GemmyFGemmyF Rocks!
+1 August 11 2016 04:44:17 GemmyFPsycho
Thanks GF... having some much needed fun after a grueling day :)
August 11 2016 03:58:42
KMstarKMstar bro its been a pleasure to watch you develop you style
+1 August 11 2016 04:12:53 KMstarPsycho
I actually have been doing this wild stuff for years, just didn't post it. I'd be out in the garage all night just hammering away at this crazy music. I really appreciate the nice compliment just the same :)
August 11 2016 04:43:22 KMstarKMstar
you havew found sounds that suit your playing more reliably and have tightend up tuning and timing compared to when we first met here
August 11 2016 03:57:03
KMstarKMstar great title and groove Bruce!
+1 August 11 2016 04:10:03 KMstarPsycho
Cool, another bass player :) Lol. It's not like me to hint around, but what the heck, thanks Ken :)

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