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perfect! wish you had time to do more tracks like a slow blues 60 bpm hihat and 55 bpm ride or upbeat 2/2 ragtime style :)+1
April 01 2018 00:06:57
Baer hey,I don't know if you noticed, but many of the initial tracks are noted with doubled up tempo (my bad), so you might some of my groves around 120BPM close to what you are looking for. Thereally old ones from the initial wikiloops starter kit are pretty low mp3 quality, maybe I should do some fresh ones... :) thanks for the request! +1
April 01 2018 00:10:30
frenzie Your style is perfect for us, tight and keeping it simple in a good way, so there is so much room to play with, hats of for your timing as mine is wobbling all the time haha will heck out our old ones! :) +0
April 01 2018 00:15:48
frenzie But the real slow blues is my fave with very light drums like they did in the 50s and 60s :) +0
April 01 2018 01:00:54
Baer pointme atsome youtube stuff you realy like, if you like, then I get the best idea what you are after :) +1
April 01 2018 09:28:26
frenzie https://youtu.be/vLXPRFTZeZk +0
April 01 2018 09:35:31
frenzie https://youtu.be/zTDXaJq61uM +0
April 01 2018 09:36:24
frenzie https://youtu.be/5aP3xSAdNc4 +0
on special request by a single bassplayer :-)
Hope you can work with this for a start!
Thanks, Baer! I'll get on it!+0
Thanks for all the great blues tracks!...awesome!!!!+0
very good+0

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