5/8 Jazzy Jam

Remix step #4 (playing)


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Thanks to the great playing of Frank, PD and Demian, I got to noodle along with their very cool jazz jam .. thanks guys!!!


March 21 2017 18:52:54
Man, Ernie, your bass lines are EXCELLENT Jazz! Just luck I found this but so glad I did. You are so versatile. I consider this modern jazz and you are all over it!
+1 March 21 2017 19:31:05 Itocpogo Ernie440
hey Dan! thanks so much, it's a very rare style for me, but I enjoyed attempting an add, I guess my occasional listening to stuff like Hancock and Mahavishnu back in the day, might have stuck in my brain, somewhat. :) ;)
March 19 2017 20:14:35
fantastic Ernie :)
+1 March 21 2017 19:29:22 ivax Ernie440
Thanks my friend :)
March 13 2017 12:16:37
This is awesome man ¡¡¡really cool Ernie :);):Y
+1 March 13 2017 12:55:29 GreenDog Ernie440
hey an oldie! thanks a lot my friend for listening in :) ;)
August 15 2016 08:14:35
Very very good job for me !!
+1 August 15 2016 17:39:50 pniveiro Ernie440
Thanks kindly pniveiro :)
August 14 2016 03:27:42
Thanks for the real bass track .. I deleted my key bass track. This works 1000% better. Great playing..
+1 August 14 2016 13:17:17 PDMuzak Ernie440
Thanks a lot PD, lets do some more some time soon! :)
August 14 2016 02:59:48
Yes! now back in home with my headphones i can hear you bass add. SUPER!! Nice sound, follow the guitar or with your own lines, Works very good. Thanks! Really like
+1 August 14 2016 14:22:51 Demian Demian
Thanks! usualy i play drums but here very much people like the guitar base, so im happy with that
August 14 2016 13:18:25 Demian Ernie440
Thanks Demian, great jamming with you. You got a good thing happening here with your cool playing and concept.
August 13 2016 16:06:47
I've tried a lot around (follow the guitar is a solution) Cool to hear you here Ernie, this is a free fight jazz modern splash track:)
+1 August 13 2016 16:37:03 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
That what was interesting: opening, I am too much wild these time, I do not have patience... !
August 13 2016 16:26:13 Tofzegrit Ernie440
yeah, it's a groovy tune, thanks :) and I didn't really start to get into it until around 3:15 .. then it opened up a bit.
August 13 2016 14:10:49
cool track, great play too
+1 August 13 2016 16:24:39 FrankMil Ernie440
Thanks buddy! :)
August 12 2016 19:37:20
Bad ass....I'm so happy with the way this track has been developing. This is the straight dope right here....
+2 August 12 2016 19:59:33 Frankisaur Ernie440
Glad you like Frank my friend :)It was fun. All starting from your great template, ie. your groovy jazzy drumming man! Yeah!!
August 12 2016 19:16:22
Great ! Well done Ernie ! :)
+1 August 12 2016 20:00:07 ellouidir Ernie440
Thanks very much ell my friend :)
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